The City of Dunwoody launched a newly redesigned and upgraded website to serve as the primary portal and tool for residents, businesses and visitors seeking continuous access to city information, news, events and communications, officials say.

According to a press release, more than 135,000 unique visits have been logged annually, and the city sought to create a new website that provides an “innovative platform for interaction with the city through improved functionality and a more intuitively designed navigation interface.”

Dunwoody’s Mayor Mike Davis said he views the city’s website as a tool in promoting civic engagement and outreach in an efficient and multifaceted manner. “Our new site delivers as promised and is easy to navigate, supports compatibility with multiple devices and browsers, and provides our community with accurate, transparent, and easy-to-find information,” Davis said.

One of the new features is a transparency portal that officials say promotes open government interaction and access to city financial, business and administrative activities and documents. The new transparency portal opens all levels of municipal operations to varying inquiries and public examination, making it easier for site visitors to efficiently search and analyze budgets, meeting minutes, recommendations and projects, the city said in a press release.  The website also features improved technology to better support online customer services, house high-quality videos and integrate with social media tools and platforms.

“Not only is the customer-facing functionality improved, but the back end website content management system allows staff to better address the expectations of our community for accurate, updated and easy-to-find information on our website,” Davis said.

The city hired Jesse James Creative to develop and design the new site, the site layout and architecture. Under the direction of city staff, Jesse James Creative helped bring more information front and center for visitors with select content from interior pages and sections ‘boiled up’ to the top layers of the site to encourage exploration. Additionally, wayfinding options were developed throughout the site including “breadcrumb” navigation to “quick links” and “related content” allowing visitors easy access to city budgets, meetings and agendas, contact information for elected officials and administrative staff, as well as contracts and purchasing documents.