New DeKalb school board member Stan Jester, right, was sworn in Jan. 5 by Justice David Nahmias. left, according to Jester’s wife, DeKalb Commissioner Nancy Jester.

New DeKalb school board member Stan Jester of Dunwoody says he doesn’t want to be fingerprinted by the school district, according to WSB-TV. Jester, who was sworn in to office Jan. 5, says he’s not a district employee and that the fingerprint checks of board members should be done by DeKalb County police, not the district.

“It is a conflict of interest to be investigated by the agency I was elected to oversee. It should be done by a third party. That is what I have done,” Jester said in an email to Channel 2.

On his website, Jester said he already had provided results of a police background check to the board.

“I completed a police background check before Christmas, sent the report to the board chair, and posted it on my website,” he wrote. “I think all the board members and administration should put their background checks online for all to see. ….

“I am happy to submit to a background check, including fingerprinting. In fact, I have my police background check posted on my website. But let’s get two things perfectly clear:

  1. There is no requirement in DeKalb policy or Georgia state law that I provide my fingerprints to the school district; and
  2. It is a bold conflict of interest to be investigated by the agency I am elected to oversee.”

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  1. I was a department head for sixteen years. You have three priorities at work: A [must be done], B [must be done in the absence of A], and C [must be removed]. Every “C” removed paves the way for more “A” and “B” priorities–and a more efficient, effective organization.–Tom Reilly

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