Sgt. Robert Parsons in New York City for the funeral of fallen NYPD Detective Wenjian Liu. See more photos on the Dunwody Police Department’s Facebook Page.

Dunwoody Police Sgt. Robert Parsons traveled to New York City to attend the funeral service of New York Police Department Detective Wenjian Liu.

Parsons didn’t drive up the east coast, he flew courtesy of JetBlue Airlines.

For those who were not aware, JetBlue offered to fly any law enforcement officer in the country to New York City for the services from any city on its route. Since Charlotte, North Carolina, is just a few hours away, I decided to drive up since JetBlue does not fly out of Atlanta,” Parsons wrote on the Dunwoody Police Department’s Facebook Page.

Knowing only that Parsons felt it was important to be there to show support for the fallen officers and their families, he said he was surprised that more than 20,00 police officers from around the world were in New York City with him. 

“I arrived and met with several NYPD officers and fellow officers from around the globe,” Parsons wrote. “I had never seen anything like it.”

Though the weather was cold and rainy, Parsons noticed no one seemed to mind and all the officers want to pay their respects–rain wouldn’t get in the way, he wrote.

Parsons wrote that the Shomrim Safety Patrol, a local neighborhood watch group, set up coffee stations and handed out several hundred cups of coffee and snacks to those in the crowd.

“Throughout my time in New York, I was amazed by the level of hospitality shown to us by the NYPD,” Parsons wrote. “We were picked up, escorted where we needed to be, given facilities to store luggage and change clothes and then shuttled back to JFK (airport) to fly home. The resilience of this organization is simply incredible and I was grateful to be there representing the City of Dunwoody Police Department and our community. I would also like to thank JetBlue for making this experience possible for so many officers. It is something I will never forget.”