Fulton County School System parents who wish to apply for a 2015-2016 hardship transfer or to renew a current hardship to another Fulton elementary, middle or high school can now apply.

Parents can use an online form, available through the Student Assignment Office’s website at www.fultonschools.org, to enter and submit their information. Hard copy applications are not required this year, with the exception of medical transfers, which require pertinent medical provider’s signatures and documentation.

The deadline for submitting a transfer application is Feb. 17 by 4:30 p.m., with no exceptions or extensions granted. All requests must be received or postmarked by this date and time. The deadline applies to students and parents seeking a hardship transfer for medical reasons, curriculum differences, and/or child care situations. School system employees’ children who want to submit or renew a hardship transfer request have the same deadline.

Parents with questions or who need more information about hardship transfers can contact the Fulton County Schools’ Student Assignment Office at 404-763-5550.