The walls at Dunwoody Springs Elementary School recently came to life as students created a museum exploring subjects such as history, weather and current issues.

The project was intended to showcase to parents what project-based learning – an approach where students research real-world problems and come up with solutions — looks like as the school prepares to transition to Fulton County Schools’ charter system. That change will allow teachers more flexibility in the classrooms.

First-grader Mazie Emerson talks about her class’ project that studied endangered animals. She said she learned about how ‘some people destroy their habitats and how they can save them.’
Patrice Dawkins-Jackson, Talented and Gifted Instructional Support for Dunwoody Springs, said the students’ museum incorporated hands-on learning and various curriculum in creative ways.
Dunwoody Springs Students brought the corridors to life as they showcased what they learned while researching history, weather and current issues.