Students at North Springs Charter High’s magnet art and science program recently took part in a project that won first place in an international competition, earning the school a state-of-the-art 3D printer.

The second annual Deconstruction competition encouraged participants to rethink objects and ideas in a live Internet streaming, 48-hour event.

Twenty-five teams – not all composed of students – entered the competition.

The North Springs Laser Sharks team, comprised of 16 students, created a large-scale art machine by turning a lawn mower into what they called a life-sized Etch-A-Sketch.

The project requires two students – one to use a system of pulleys to paint, and another to steer.

Lilly Webster paints while Juan Vazquez steers.
The Laser Sharks included Emil Muly, Conrad Muly, Ethan Hertz, Jessica Walsh, Lilly Webster, Deion Riley, Liam O’Neil, Juan Vazquez, Kevin Santillan, Daniel Brehm, Nick Tollman, Khaliq Slaughter, Wren Erling, Katie Makowski, Christian Harper and Tarik Kindell.