Cobb County Fire and Rescue help Ofc. Jeremy Massengil of Dunwoody Police deliver his wife’s baby on Feb. 1. The photo was posted on the Dunwoody Police Department’s Facebook Page on Feb. 2.

While trained to handle emergencies like a woman in labor, one Dunwoody police officer learned for himself it’s different with your own family. The Dunwoody Police Department Facebook Page shared on Feb. 2 that Ofc. Jeremy Massengil realized he wasn’t going to make it to the hospital in time for his wife to deliver their daughter.

The post in full, said:

“Another from the book of ‘You Can’t Make This Up.’ While attempting to get his pregnant wife to the hospital this afternoon for the delivery of their daughter, Officer Massengill quickly realized that he would not have time to make it there. He pulled into the closest Fire Department and quickly asked (aka pounded frantically on the door) for the paramedic’s assistance. He and the paramedics returned to his wife just in time to see his daughter being born. While we are trained to handle these types of calls, Officer Massengill can attest that it is a different story when it is your own family. Mother and daughter are healthy and happy. He would like to give a shout out to the outstanding work of the Cobb County Fire Department. (WF)”