The realignment of the Windsor Parkway and Roswell Road intersection could mean the City of Sandy Springs has to relocate some buried human remains.

On Tuesday, Jan. 3, the council will vote on whether to purchase land at 4577 Roswell Road, which houses an auction gallery and a structure approved to serve as a funeral home. While the auction gallery would remain, the funeral home would be demolished. A preliminary analysis found that human remains could be buried in a former cemetery under the funeral home structure.

The city is seeking permission to notify potential descendants and move the remains to Arlington Cemetery under the supervision of a qualified archeologist. The purchase price of the property is $1.9 million.

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  1. First despite strong neighborhood opposition Sandy Springs edicts Blacks and Hispanics from those apartments, now despite strong neighborhood opposition the council routes that road (built to satisfy the developer across the street) so that a historic Black church can be demolished and the bodies of dead blacks can be evicted from their resting places. Man oh man, our council is cold blooded. Heritage and ancient trees walk because money talks. Shame!

  2. First of all, and I own the church, it is not, and never was a ‘historically black’ church. Quite the contrary, in fact. It was, from a decade prior to the Civil War (1861-1865), the Sentell Southern Baptist Church which, sadly to say, according to handwritten property documents was solely for the
    ‘worship of persons of non-African descent’ in the community. I found it personally revolting when I read the volume of hand written deed restrictions upon purchasing.

    Having said that, the Sentells vacated the property in the 1990s when they sold it to the Slavic Christian Evangelical Church of Atlanta. Again, unfortunately, no persons of color worshipped there. It was an immigrant church filled, primarily with eastern Europeans, Ukrainians and Russians.

    When I purchased the property, the Slavs had already met and decided to move to the outer exurbs of Atlanta – closer, I was told, to their congregation and their primary residence. After that, I leased the sanctuary to a group of Buddhists. Once the Buddhists moved on, it sat vacant and was used for storage.

    Weep not, for the supposed ‘historically black’ church that was there, for, in fact, it never was. In fact, take pride that times have, thankfully, changed and persons of ANY descent may enjoy my property

    Further, when I purchased the property in 2006, it was well known, and well documented, that there there were three shallow ‘slave graves’ on the property that the Ga. Baptist Convention, who held the note at the time, went to great pains and expense to exhume, remove and give a proper burial site. This occurred well before I bought the property.

    You will notice that all remaining legal reference to the alleged ‘graves’ left on the site, refer to them an ‘potential’ and that they ‘may’ be there. This is all just a necessary attempt by the powers that be to cover all the bases BEFORE they build a road. I’ve owned the property for nearly a decade and this has never come up since my closing on the property in 2006.

    This is all Sound and Fury, signifying nothing.

    Paul Brown
    4577 Roswell Rd

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