The Dunwoody mayor and City Council appear to be starting to come around to the idea of a roundabout traffic solution as part of the Georgetown Gateway project plan.

During their Feb. 9 meeting, council members talked about how best to fix the intersection of Chamblee-Dunwoody, North Shallowford and Peeler roads. They appeared to agree that a roundabout, while costly, might be the best option to handle the traffic.

But council members – who have faced community uproar over past roundabout proposals – agreed that they need more input and feedback from residents before committing to the project.

AECOM, an architectural and design engineering firm, drew up proposals to show how to improve traffic flow at the intersection. The study found difficulty exists for drivers trying to turn left out of neighborhoods onto Chamblee-Dunwoody Road. Traffic has a tendency to back up all the way to Mount Vernon Road, the consultants said.

Solutions for the traffic problem include widening the road and adding lanes; adding the roundabout design in the intersection where Chamblee-Dunwoody, Peeler and North Shallowford meet and adding lanes; and a major intersection expansion with added lanes.

Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch said the third option simply had “too many lanes” and said she wouldn’t consider it at all.

Councilman Terry Nall said he liked the idea of spending money on something that would last, with focus on the rights of way and impact to residents in the immediate area.

Next steps, according to AECOM, involve completing the concept report and traffic study, and then providing the final recommendation.

Options are being considered to resolve traffic issues near the Georgetown Gateway project.

3 replies on “Roundabout for Georgetown Gateway project?”

  1. This is an awful idea. No one knows how to use these in GA because they are not common here like they are up north. There are a few places in GA that do use them, so I’m curious if they got feedback from those areas or just decided on their own. These areas will probably be more congested because of this, in my opinion. And other parts of Dunwoody have said they don’t want roundabouts because it will worsen traffic, so I’m curious why the politicians keep pushing something they know people do not want. There are other options out there, so why this?

  2. A round-about at this intersection is an absolutely horrendous idea. Someone in Dunwoody seems to be obsessed with round-abouts. The reconstruction of the Tilly Mill/North Peachtree/Peeler intersections will draw even more cut-through traffic from Gwinnett and N. Fulton down Peeler to I-285. It’s laughable, at best, to believe that a round-about is going to begin to answer the traffic issues that will be forthcoming.

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