From police reports dated Jan. 11 through Jan 24.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta

Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


1900 block of Howell Mill Road—A woman was walking to her vehicle when a man with a gun ran toward her. He pushed her toward the dumpster while pointing a gun to her head and shouting, “give me your money.” When she told him she had no money, he began punching her in the head and face and telling her “she was going back inside to get the money.” She said the gun “felt plastic” and began fighting back and screaming for help. She was able to break free, losing her glasses, and the man ran toward Beck and Emery streets. A patrol car canvassing the area apprehended the suspect in the 1100 block of Collier Road. He was positively identified after the woman was able to retrieve a second set of glasses.

3400 block of Buckhead Loop–Four women entered a shop, and two of them went to the perfume section and concealed several bottles in their pockets. When an employee approached them, they walked out the store. A third woman concealed several bottles of perfume inside her purse and attempted to leave. A manager approached the third woman, who pushed the manager and ran from the location.

3300 block of Peachtree Road—A man met someone to sell three iPad’s for $880. When they made the exchange, the seller looked inside the envelope and noticed the money was fake. When he attempted get the iPads back, they began wrestling. The would-be buyer was last seen fleeing with the items in hand. A second robbery in the 3300 block of Peachtree Road occurred at a bank when a man presented a note that read “Hand me $100s and $50s now or else.” The teller complied and gave the suspect $104 from the teller assistant machine. During the incident, the man continually said, “Come on, come on.” He fled out the door after he became nervous. It is unknown if the suspect was armed.

2100 block of Lenox Road—A man walking with headphones felt a hard object placed in his back. When he turned around, he saw two people, one armed with a black handgun. They demanded “everything he had.” He gave them a Samsung Galaxy 5 cell phone, a blue zip-up jacket, a wallet that contained $20 in currency and three debit cards. One of the attackers snatched a necklace from around the man’s neck. The two fled on foot toward Cheshire Bridge Road.

1800 block of Howell Mill RoadA woman was grabbed by the throat, punched in her face and robbed of the keys to her rental car. The suspect is a man who previously asked to use the vehicle, to which she continued to say “no.” The two live together and have been in a relationship for the past 13 years.

Aggravated Assault

3400 block of Lenox Road—Two people were involved in an argument that turned physical when one asked the other to leave her hotel room. As the person was leaving, she struck the victim in the face. The fight continued. They were pulled apart by a security guard and another guest. One of the people fighting initially said the other person pulled a knife on her during the altercation. The security officer on scene reported taking a knife, but could not say who was in possession of the weapon.

3200 block of Lenox Road—Units responded to a “burglar in a residence” call. Upon arrival, units observed the resident holding a man against the wall of a patio. The man attempted to make entry into the residence and when the resident did not allow him in, the man pulled a knife. The resident suffered lacerations on his hand when he disarmed the man. It was discovered the suspect was assaulted by other men at the same location earlier in the week. When units arrived to that call, he was found naked and bleeding inside a hallway.

2200 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—A verbal argument turned physical. The woman was able to leave the residence and returned only after a mutual friend advised the man she had been fighting had calmed down. Upon returning, he demanded that she apologize. When she didn’t, he tried choking her and she bit him in the face. She had visible bruises on her neck and her right knuckles were bleeding. The man was arrested.

Residential Burglary

2800 block of Margaret Mitchell Drive—A stainless steel refrigerator and stove were taken from an unsecured garage area. A locked tool construction box was pried open. Porter Cable framing gun, a Milwaukee cordless drill and charger, two Ryobi pressure washers, a Hitachi nail gun and a Sony radio were taken. Forty boxes of marble tile were also taken from the same area the tools were located.

3200 block of Northside Parkway—A front door was kicked in and a Gucci wallet, two Dell laptops, an Apple iPad3 and a Coach purse were taken. Prints were lifted from the closet door and a jewelry box. In a second burglary, a front door kicked was in and an Apple I-Mac 21.5 desktop computer, an HP Pavilion 15-inch laptop and an Apple iPad mini were taken.

1400 block of West Paces Ferry Road—A PlayStation 4 game console, two games, a controller, an Apple TV, an Xbox 360, a violin, a three-piece luggage set and two laptops were taken.

1100 block of HUFF Road NW—Six burglaries were reported on one day at Apex MidTown West Apartments.

1900 block of Hollywood Road—A front door and a freezer were discovered open, and a side window was broken. A 52-inch flat screen TV, a 32-inch flat screen TV and two bottles of unknown prescription medication were taken.

1700 block of Commerce Drive—An apartment front door was forced open and a 48-inch TV, a DVD player, 100 pieces of jewelry and an iPad mini were taken.

3500 block of Piedmont Road—A Kenneth Cole and Fossil watch were taken after a front door was kicked in.

3700 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—An Echo backpack leaf blower and a Stanley tool box were reported missing.

1000 block of Lenox Park BoulevardTwo apartments were broken into and an Apple IPad mini, four necklaces, a ring, a bangle, a MacBook Pro and an Apple IPad were taken from one apartment. Two black rifles, a .22-caliber pistol, a 12-gauge shotgun, 75 9mm rounds, 800 .22-caliber rounds and 75 shotgun rounds were missing from the bedroom floor of a second apartment.

2500 block of Piedmont RoadMaintenance workers reported leaving a front door unsecure while performing a work order. A bottle of Grey Goose vodka, an Anne Klein watch, five J Crew bracelets, a monogrammed gold bracelet with initials, four J Crew rings and several other pieces of jewelry were taken. A Sargento cheese wrapper was recovered from the bathroom counter and submitted as evidence. Two other residents reported their doors were left unsecured by maintenance.

1100 block of Lavista RoadThe front door of an apartment was kicked in and three residents reported items, including a Marc Jacobs watch, were missing. A brown Whole Foods bag was possibly used to transport the items. Cameras were present in the entrance and exit points of the parking lot.

2100 block of Piedmont RoadA bedroom window was found slightly ajar, with the screen torn off and a back door left open. A television, an Xbox with games, a blue ray DVD player, two home iDoc, a MacBook laptop, a Vio laptop, a Motorola XT1021, a Vizio TV, a PlayStation 3, two broken iPhones, a pair of sunglasses, misc. jewelry, shoes, clothes, passport, a birth certificate and a loaded .38 Smith & Wesson revolver were taken.

1900 block of Felker Ward–The front window of a house was found broken and unlocked. A 60-inch flat screen TV was damaged when someone attempted to remove it from the wall. The alarm panel was damaged, and police found a rock that was used to break the window.

1900 block of Hollywood RoadA 42-inch LG TV and an Apple Mac Book Pro were taken from a house where the glass on a front window was found broken and unlocked.

4100 block of Noble CreekA front door to an apartment was kicked in and a 55-inch LG TV, a 32-inch Samsung TV, a Toshiba laptop and an HP laptop were taken.

400 block of West Wesley RoadUnits responded to an audible alarm call and discovered forced entry to the door frame. A Wolf stainless six-burner gas range top was taken and the gas line cut.

2100 block of Monterey DriveA front door was kicked in and numerous upstairs drawers and closets were rummaged through. A flat screen TV was taken from the living room and numerous pieces of jewelry were also taken.

1700 block of Northside DriveA Hewlett Packard laptop, an Apple MacBook laptop, a safe contained personal documents, diamond stud earrings and currency were taken from an apartment after its front door was damaged.

1100 block of East Club LaneA window was broken in the dining room, upstairs bedroom closets were rummaged through and several pieces of jewelry were taken.

600 block of Garson DriveA front door was kicked in. The resident heard a loud noise, his bedroom door open and then someone slammed his bedroom door when he sat up in bed. No items were taken.

Commercial Burglary

2900 block of Peachtree Road–A man was captured on surveillance footage taking a Roubaix specialized bike and a Pinarello Dogma F8 bike. The man was only inside the business for approximately 5 to 6 seconds. He walked straight to the most expensive bikes.

100 block of West Paces Ferry Road—A lock cut on the front entrance door was cut and the alarm activated and reactivated. A demolition saw, a chipping Bulldog hammer, and a saw were taken from a toolbox.

1900 block of Peachtree Road—Units responded to an audible alarm call and found a broken front window and a rear door unlocked. The suspect entered the back office, removed $587 from a desk drawer and fled out the rear door.

2100 block of Monroe Drive—A Fuji mountain bike, a front and side table, military body armor, various clothing and a Rane Whickey were taken.

1700 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—A side door was kicked in and police units saw someone pushing a side door open and making entry to retrieve a book bag. An employee said that the night before, 20 feet of copper wire, a microwave, hand trucks and light fixtures were stacked up downstairs.

2800 block of N Fulton DriveA door window to a detached classroom was damaged and an Apple iMac 21.5-inch computer was taken from a desk.

3100 block of Peachtree RoadA rear glass door was found broken by a cinder block, and a computer, monitor and other office equipment were thrown to the ground. A cash register that contained $100 was taken.

1400 block of Northside DriveUnits responded to an audible alarm call and discovered the front glass door broken and the interior lights on. A large stone and two large drills were lying in the floor. A Stihl Chain Saw, a Stihl Chop Saw, two Honda Generators and a Hilti Breaker TE3000 S/N 62050 were taken.

3100 block of Peachtree RoadThe front glass door to a clothing store was broken and a cash box that contained $100 was taken.

4200 block of Roswell RoadThe bottom of the door was cut open, a rear door was discovered open, and a recording device was ripped off and thrown into the toilet. The security alarm was still armed. A Samsung phone, a home wireless phone, six LG 7.0 Pads, four iPad minis, four iPad 2 Airs, two Samsung Note Edges, three Samsung Galaxy Alphas cell phones, three Samsung Galaxy Note 4s, 11 Samsung Galaxy S5s, two Samsung Galaxy Minis, two Nokia Luminas, six Motorola Moto’s, an HTC cell phone, four AT&T Unite cell phones, eighteen LG 3s, 21 iPhones and three wireless home phones were taken. The total estimated loss is $48,458.

Auto Theft

1100 block of Dawn View LaneThe owner discovered vehicles and keys missing. A spay machine, four frame guns, six ladders, a wallet, two un-cashed checks, a Dwahl sanding machine, an Orbit sanding machine and miscellaneous tools were also taken in the theft.

2300 block of Marietta BoulevardA red 1999 Ford Mustang was stolen from a parking lot after the owner left it for service.

2900 block of Peachtree RoadA white 2014 Mercedes E320 was reported stolen from a grocery store parking lot.

100 block of Bennett StreetA silver 1998 Cadillac Seville was reported stolen from a parking lot.

100 block of 26th StreetA gray 2011 Toyota 4Runner was reported stolen from a parking garage. The owner admits to having been behind on payments, but recently paid the balance due.

3500 block of Piedmont RoadA green 1996 Nissan Sentra was reported stolen when the owner discovered her vehicle missing from the parking garage. Recovered: The victim recovered the vehicle parked at the same location. The vehicle was never stolen; it was in the possession of an acquaintance.


Between Jan. 11 and Jan. 17, a total of 41 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 43 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made. Between Jan. 18 and Jan. 24, a total of 46 thefts from automobiles were reported and 31 additional larcenies were reported.