The current LaVista Hills boundary map.
The current LaVista Hills boundary map.

State lawmakers on March 2 introduced legislation to create a new DeKalb County cities called LaVista Hills and Tucker.

Reps. Tom Taylor (R-Dunwoody) and Scott Holcomb (D-DeKalb) introduced H.B. 520, which calls for a vote in November on whether to create the city, according to a statement by LaVista Hills Yes. If the legislation is approved by the General Assembly, residents of the proposed city would vote on the proposed city.

Taylor, in an email, said legislation also was introduced to create a city of Tucker.

“The city of LaVista Hills will benefit all of DeKalb County,” said Mary Kay Woodworth, LaVista Hills YES co-chair and former Lakeside YES chairperson.  “A smarter, well managed government is good for everyone in LaVista Hills, and a successful city will help all of DeKalb County.”

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  1. H.B. 515 calling for the creation of and a referendum on the City of Tucker was ALSO introduced today. The Tucker and LVH bills were introduced almost simultaneously, and BOTH share co-sponsor, Scott Holcomb. The absence of mention of Tucker in the article above is curious at best.

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