The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from Feb. 6 through Feb. 27.

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate. Snarky comments courtesy of Capt. Steve Rose.


7100 block of Spalding Forest Court—On Feb. 16, officers responded to a medical call and found a 57-year old woman dead in her bedroom. Her adult son was on the scene and told officers that he returned home from jogging to find two men inside the home who had assaulted his mother. He said the men assaulted him and fled on foot. The response and story by the dead woman’s son was given to detectives, who interviewed the man. They found a number of inconsistencies in the story. The son, Patrick Tyson, was later charged with the murder. The mother died of stab wounds and blunt force trauma.


300 block of Winding River Drive—On Feb. 17—A man posted an online ad to sell a charm bracelet for $70. He was contacted by another man who met him on Winding River Drive. The buyer said he needed to be driven to another apartment to get the money. They went to the apartment where three other men were. While in the car, they robbed him of his phone, $43 cash and the bracelet. They fled on foot. The Internet selling site was on Facebook and the man selling the bracelet named the would-be buyer as someone the officers are familiar with.


1500 block of Huntcliff Village Court—On Feb. 15, someone broke into an apartment through a back window and took two 55-inch TVs, cable, and Internet boxes.

1200 block of Hightower Trail—On Feb. 16,a resident of an assisted living facility said someone took some of his handmade knives from his room.

200 block of Windridge Drive—On Feb. 16, someone entered a vacant apartment. Nothing was reported missing.

2400 block of Monterrey Parkway—On Feb. 17, a woman said she was in jail for domestic violence charges and she said that while she was in custody someone took her laptop and ID.

800 block of Jefferson Drive—On Feb. 18, someone entered an apartment and took a MacBook Air and charger.

6100 block of Powers Ferry Road—On Feb. 19, someone entered the locked gate to the Fulton Schools construction site and took several items from a plumbing service locked storage box.

500 block of Summer Drive—On Feb. 19, a resident said someone entered the apartment without force and took several items including a weapon and laptops. The resident said whoever stole the items knew where to look in that they were not easily visible.

900 block of Jefferson Drive—On Feb. 21, a woman said someone entered her apartment without force and took an iMac computer.

9300 block of Huntcliff Trace—On Feb. 22, a man said he thinks someone entered his home from a sliding door. Drawers and closets were found open and dirt had been tracked in. There were several items taken from the home.

2000 block of Dunwoody Heritage Drive—On Feb. 22, someone entered a residence by forcing a back window (with a brick) and entering. Cash and some silverware were reported missing.

9500 block of Huntcliff Trace—On Feb. 23, someone attempted to force entry to a home at around 10:45 a.m. The alarm activated and police were dispatched, but cancelled minutes later. Minutes after that a complainant called 911 and reported that someone tried to force a door window open, but the breaking glass apparently set off the alarm. Nothing appeared missing.

A good idea is to never assume an alarm if false.

8300 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 24, between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., someone entered an apartment and took two guitars, an Xbox video game system, a digital camera and other photography equipment. No signs of forced entry were found.

6800 block of Roswell Road—A Feb. 24 report said that between Feb. 22 and 24, someone forced a door open to a condominium and painted pieces of furniture with black spray paint. The keys to a 2011 Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep itself also were missing.

The resident is currently in the process of divorcing her husband and, subsequently, you would think he would top the short list of suspects. Well, it turns out that she has an ex-boyfriend, whom she has never met, who lives in Arizona and is a member of a motorcycle club called Rough Riders Bike Club. The woman doesn’t think her husband would commit burglary, but she said she thinks the ex-boyfriend, whom she has never met, (and that is a story in and of itself right?) would.

Now before we get all “Hell’s Angels” on this, I checked the Rough Riders out and, according to their website, they are comprised of veterans and non-veterans who dedicate time to veteran causes including POW/MIA issues. So, the moral of the story is to never assume.

The other moral of the story is why call someone your boyfriend if you’ve never met him? I get the online dating thing, although I prefer the old-fashioned method of meeting them on Tuesday afternoons at the probation office, but that’s just me. The part I don’t get is achieving the title of boyfriend or girlfriend when you’ve never met them. Isn’t that being a bit presumptuous?

Friend: “Steve, I’d like to meet your girlfriend.”

Steve: “I would, too.”

Just weird……….


100 block of Old Stratton Chase—On Feb. 15, checks in the mail were stolen from the mailbox. Two of the checks were later cashed, one for $1,127 and the other for $876.

1165 Perimeter Center West—On Feb. 17, a woman said someone took her purse and $40 while she was shopping. The staff found the purse and returned it. Her debit card was still in the purse.

6420 Roswell Road—On Feb. 18, a man said he left his cellphone on a table while he went to the restroom at a nightclub. Someone took the $600 phone.

8400 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 21, a 71-year-old man reported that someone took a $7,900 cashier’s check from his room. He believes his 45-year-old girlfriend has it, which he intended for her to have for car repairs. I’m not sure what is going on there. Might be more to that.

6100 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On Feb. 21, a hotel guest reported that sometime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. someone came into her room and took her wallet from her purse.

6200 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On Feb. 23, a cab driver reported he picked up a woman from Covington, Ga., and drove her to a hotel. The woman got out, and said she had to get the money from inside. She never returned to pay the fare that was more than $100.

500 block of Tahoma Drive—On Feb. 23, a resident hired a man to demolish an old deck and build a new one. The man was given $1,500 for the demolition. He asked for and received a $3,000 check to purchase the wood for the new deck. He then asked for $2,000 more to purchase wood. The resident then asked for his $4,500 back and the man refused to finish the work and would not repay the resident. The hired man previously represented himself as working for a local painting company, but the resident found out he left that company some months ago.

Do your homework on contracting work like this: Get references and I.D. on the person so you know who you’re dealing with. Don’t pay the balance of anything up front. Usually contractors want half up front and the other half at completion.

6600 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 23, a 78-year-old woman reported that while she was shopping someone stole her wallet from her purse, which was left open in the shopping cart. The card was later used at a gas station on Roswell Road and at a shoe store in Alpharetta.

If you are going to put your purse in a shopping cart, make sure it is snapped, zipped, and/or otherwise secure. Don’t walk away from the cart. Be mindful of strangers approaching to ask you a random question while you are shopping. This may be a tag-team effort to steal. Normally, the first guy distracts the victim and, while doing so, a second person will slip in and remove the wallet. If someone does this while you’re shopping, turn and face the cart while you politely give him a totally bogus response on information as to how to cook rice or whatever silly question he or she asked.


6000 block Roswell Road—On Feb. 17, an office manager said she mailed an insurance check that was apparently intercepted by a man (who is identified and suspected). He later tried to cash it for $606.

No address—A woman said she received a text from Amazon that her order was shipped. She didn’t have an Amazon account. Someone used her name and information to open an account and ordered an iPod.

No address—A man reported his credit card was used at several business locations.

No address—A woman reported that she left her pocketbook at a friend’s home. She said the friend was “unknown,” whatever that means. She later got her pocketbook back minus her checkbook. Five checks later were written for various amounts, all under $100.

If all you know about your friend can be summed up as “unknown,” you’re probably not telling the truth or you need to up your standards for friends.

No address—A woman reported that someone used her name and personal information to fraudulently obtain Bank of America credit cards and then used them at Nordstrom. The cards were mailed to an address on Harris Court in Marietta.

5700 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 23, a man said he was approached by another man, who offered to sell an iPhone 5 for $200, so he went into the convenience store (ATM) to get the money and paid the man. When he got the phone, he noticed it was not the same one that he was shown earlier. The seller left in a silver Toyota with a South Carolina tag.

What’s wrong with this picture? If you want a phone, go to the store and buy one. Deals that seem too good to be true, usually are. Don’t be a putz. Use your brain.


1300 block of Huntcliff Village Court—On Feb. 16, a woman said that she was on the phone when her sister tried to get her attention. The sister said an apartment maintenance man used the bathroom and didn’t flush. When the sister who was talking on the phone continued to talk on the phone, the sister punched her in the face. She was later arrested on charges of simple battery/family violence.

5600 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 22, a man said that just after 10 a.m. he was walking near Building 15 when he saw a man making a hand gesture to him like he was shooting a gun. The resident turned and walked away. He was jumped seconds later by the same man who had made the gestures. The attacker hit him on the head with a pair of brass knuckles, leaving a laceration.

Other Things

Santa Fe Parkway—On Feb. 18, officers spoke with a woman who said her roommate spit in her face.

5700 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 21, a man, who had been give criminal trespass warnings to stay away from a gas station, returned to the gas station and became disorderly by way of shouting, banging and urinating on the door. He left before officers arrived.

No Address—A woman called and said that she has been getting harassing phone calls. She has refused to answer them, but she believes they are from her soon-to-be ex-husband.

No Address—A woman contacted police and told officers she has been training with two friends, one male and one female, for triathlons. She noticed the male kept showing up at locations that were totally unrelated to their training. Since he shouldn’t know where her daily schedule took her, she became suspicious and checked the underside of her car where she found what turned out to be a GPS tracking device. She actually found a second device under the car. Both were removed and logged into evidence at the police department.


8700 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 16, Publix security staff detained a woman after she took just under $30 in food items and left without paying for the items. The woman didn’t help her case when she initially gave the responding officer a fake date of birth. She was released pending court.

6200 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On Feb. 18, officers responding to a noise complaint knocked on a hotel room door. The door opened slightly, then slammed shut. The occupants refused to open it. The officers and hotel manager could hear flushing and then glass breaking. The officers then ran outside and found several people trying to exit through a window. Several were taken into custody. Later, drug paraphernalia was located in the room.

400 block of Summer Drive—On Feb. 23, officers were called by a person who said he was being chased around a parking lot by a man with a knife. The caller was a cab driver who brought the man to the location, but, as they arrived, the passenger drew a knife and threatened another passenger, who then exited the cab. The man with a knife was noticeably intoxicated and in his attempt to chase the other man, he promptly did a face-plant into the parking lot, where the officers found him. He was arrested.

200 block of Sandy Springs Place—On Feb. 23, officers responded to meet a grocery store security guard who spotted a man and woman in a car. They had driven around the parking lot a couple of times and the guard suspected they were going to go inside and shoplift. The man parked and went inside, while the woman waited in the car. The officers arrived, found the car, and were waiting when the man came out with a shopping cart full of groceries, valued at more than $400 that he had not paid for. The man was arrested. The security guard said he recognized the man from a previous attempt he made at shoplifting from the store.

6300 block of Roswell Road—On Feb. 23, officers were called to a parking lot of a check-cashing place where a man tried to cash a fraudulent check for more than $900. The company representative said the check number had already been used and the check was fake. The man was arrested and taken to jail on forgery charges. The man said that his roommate, who left when the cops arrived, had given him the check to cash.