Editor’s note: Our readers reacted to DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May’s recommendation that the county change the sanitation department’s garbage pickup schedule to save money and reduce workplace accidents. The DeKalb County Commission approved the change on March 10.

County sanitation workers now pick up garbage two days a week and collect recycling and yard trimmings on other days. The new plan [outlined in the Brookhaven and Dunwoody Reporters dated Feb. 20-March 5] calls for collecting garbage, recycling and yard trimmings on the same day and cutting garbage pickups to once a week. Instead of coming to homes four days a week, county garbage collectors would stop by once a week.

As part of the change, the county will provide homeowners new 65-gallon containers, like those shown here, that will allow garbage collection to be automated.

County is too huge!

To the editor:

DeKalb County is a joke and should be ashamed of themselves for again having big city problems and using country resources to solve them.

The county is too huge! It needs to be broken down into four separate counties and bring in effective leadership.

We pay and pay and pay, and yet the answer is always downsize services?!!! Stupidity continues!

– Tracy Waller

Pilot program works

To the editor:

I was in the pilot program and I’m still receiving one-day-a-week pickup. I also participate in the recycling program. It doesn’t get any simpler than placing everything at the curb on the same day (night before pickup).

The best thing about it is keeping those huge trucks off of residential streets (which are already in need of repair/infrastructure).

I can afford the Rolls-Royce level service but I’m not in need of it. After separating recyclables I usually have only 1-2 bags of ‘trash’. Others may not be in a position to pay for RR level service.

If there are certain areas with enough residents that prefer that level of service, then by all means allow them to pay for it for their area only.

– Jackie Nealey

Go to private party pickups

To the editor:

I always wondered why DeKalb was the only county (that I’m aware of anyway) that does trash pickup twice a week and recycling on a totally separate day entirely…this is just stupid.

When I lived in Cobb, there was no county pickup of trash and recycles. You pay an outside company to do it instead. Why not eliminate it all together and go private party instead?

I didn’t have any problems with my once-a-week pickup of trash and recycles both on the same day. If people really need trash pickup twice a week, you may want to rethink how much “trash” you really have. I mean come on…and if you recycle, there’s little to no trash for pickup.

I only leave trash out once a week due to recycling, and it’s only one plastic bag at most. Go to once a week and move on, and do both recycle and trash on the same day. It can’t get any easier than that.

Why do you think DeKalb has to post a schedule for pickup? Because they are picking up items multiple days a week. This is not rocket science but then again, we are dealing with government. LOL!

– Gene Collins

4 replies on “DeKalb residents react to once-a-week trash pick-up”

  1. The county is NOT too large , it is too small.
    159 counties , 159 courthouses , 159 small govts, makes the cost much to high.
    300 Deputies at a Courthouse!
    At all levels govt is too large and costly.

  2. I endured one day a week pick up in Atlanta for years and it was a major hassle.

    Instead of trucks four days a week down to one how about trying two days instead. One day early in week pick up yard waste, recyling and trash. Late in week trash only. Two garbage days seems like the minimum needed to provide convenient service for all residents as people have different schedules.

    1. There is no room in my garage for a 65 gallon container. I’ve tried a number of sizes and currently use two 30 gallon. I know my elderly mother had trouble with the large container in Atlanta. 95 gallons is massive. My driveway is steep and it’s already hard to control bins.

    2. If I miss garbage day now I have to wait an entire week with smelly garbage, assuming I don’t have to go out of town on garbage day the next week.

    3. I’m now stuck with Monday garbage pickup but since I need to often leave town for my job on Monday morning I can’t get my garbage picked up since I’m not home to collect bins from the street.

    4. It’s also ruined the leave town for the weekend and head straight into work Monday morning. Now I have to drive home Sunday evening to get the garbage to the curb or let it fester for another week.

    5. I’d be willing to pay a fee to have a second garbage pick up day. I’m not happy about this at all.

  3. When will I get my green garbage can. I live in Atlanta with a Thursday pickup on a
    Cul-de- sac. No place to keep everything on the curb . I have to keep it in my garage
    Recycle garbage and yard waste. This is rediculous. I’m a senior and have to drag
    All this to the street on Wednesday evening. Please consider this problem. Before I had three days. Way to go dekalb county. Again we lose

  4. 77 years old and 5’2″. I cannot role that huge trash container. Also have requested recycle bin but have not received. We need two days not one We pay salaries and should be heard

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