The city of Sandy Springs has issued a demolition permit for the historic Glenridge Hall site, according to Creative Loafing.

The story states that the permit was issued on March 9 to a company that has in the past partnered with Ashton Woods, which is purchasing the 76 acres of land near Abernathy Road and Georgia 400. Last year the Georgia Trust listed the site as one of the state’s “places in peril.”

Read Creative Loafing’s full story here.

One reply on “Report: Demolition permit issued for Glenridge Hall site”

  1. The City of Sandy Springs made a huge mistake in issuange od a demolition permit for Glenridge Hall.

    The magnificent and irreplaceable Glenridge Hall mansion is Sandy Spring’s Biltmore House. It’s demolition would be tantamount to the murder of the areas sole heroine. Conversely, repurposing it as the centerpiece to and architectural inspiration for the luxury homes development would be seen as visionary and a great asset for the community.

    Looking at Ashton Woods website, I can see that the exterior facades of the homes need some great inspiration. Well here it is, right in the middle at the top of the site. How perfect for the clubhouse, a Ritz-Carlton, or special events– while making your new residential community truly unique as the Beverly Hills of Sandy Springs. I know you can do it.

    Save Glenridge Hall, and make money while doing it.

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