Brookhaven K-9 Officer Grizz helped recover a bracelet lost at the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival March 29.

Brookhaven’s K-9 officers don’t just search for illegal drugs and runaway suspects.

Brookhaven’s Officer Ritch and K-9 Grizz.

Jewelry lost during the City of Brookhaven’s Inaugural Cherry Blossom Festival at Blackburn Park was recovered by K-9 Grizz and his handler Officer Ritch. While working off-duty, overnight security for the festival on March 29, Ritch and Grizz were asked for help in finding a missing silver bracelet.

Ritch suggested that he order Grizz to track down any articles with human scent on them before they walked the area where the bracelet may have been lost.
After a few minutes, Grizz alerted that he had located an item with a human scent. Ritch picked up a silver bracelet and showed it to the woman. She confirmed it was her “beloved bracelet,” which had been in her family for generations. She thanked the officers for their help with tears in her eyes.
A K-9 dog’s sense of smell is at least 10,000 times more acute than a human’s, Carlos Nino, a spokesman for Brookhaven Police, said. K-9 officers can search an area four times faster than human beings can, and with much higher accuracy, he added. Dogs identify objects first by scent, followed by voice and then by silhouette. Once police dogs find an object, they alert their handler in different ways.

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