This information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

The following incidents and arrest are some, but not all, of the police reports filed through March 26.

Steve Rose


Cedar Run – The resident said two televisions were taken from his apartment on March 21.

8000 block of Colquitt Road – A 42-year-old man said he noticed his Fulton County probation paperwork was missing. He believes someone with apartment management did this because they are “messing” with him. Also missing is a wedding invitation.

200 block of Winding River Drive – The resident returned to his home, under construction, on March 22, and found that someone used a pry tool to force a window open. Inside, several tools, including a ladder, carpet stapler, and air compressor, were missing.

500 block of Northridge Road – The resident said that on March 23 some entered the apartment, probably through an unlocked window, and took several items including a 42” TV, class ring, HP Table and a Toshiba laptop.

300 block of Sandy Springs Circle – Someone shattered the front door to a bakery sometime between 5:30 pm March 23rd and 4 a.m. March 24th. The only item taken was an iPad.

300 block of Heards Ferry Road – The resident reported that an unknown person came into the home on March 23 and apparently discovered that the resident was the home, in bed. The resident heard his bedroom door slam shut which was probably when the burglar discovered the resident’s presence. There was evidence on the back door, of forced entry. The front door (and rear) were found open by the resident.

This burglary is being investigated to see if it is connected with the arrest of Anthony Eden, who wrecked his car following a short pursuit when officers found him on Riverside Drive and believe that he was in the area burglarizing (and attempting to burglarize) homes.

Barnard Place -The victim found the glass on her front door broken and the door unlocked. It appears someone entered the master bedroom on March 24. It appears that jewelry and cash were taken. A neighbor said that a man was seen at the home around that time and he saw a man at the front door of the victim’s home. The man, who appeared to be wearing jeans, had a light colored truck. This is one of the cases being looked at in connection with the short pursuit and arrest of a man wanted in other nearby burglaries.

5800 block of Riverside Drive – This, too, is a burglary that is connected to the arrest of Mr. Anthony Reed Eden. I do not know the updates and particulars however he was seen in this area at this time frame.

Angus Trail The resident reported March 24 that someone entered the home past a gate and through a back door (damaged) leading to the kitchen of the home. Missing is a 55-inch TV. The co-resident said she was visiting with neighbors when she saw a black Lexus park in the cul-de-sac for about 20 minutes. She said a neighbor’s home is for sale which has brought in traffic and the cul-de-sac is often used as a turn around.


 A 28-year old woman said she was at a fast-food restaurant about 2 a.m. and accidently left her iPhone in the restroom. She returned to look for it, but it was gone. GPS showed the phone on Grogan’s Ferry Road a short time later, and then Roswell and Abernathy Roads just after 10 a.m.

6000 block of Roswell Road – A 19-year old man said he was at a fast-food restaurant at on March 21 at around a quarter to midnight. As he walked to and entered his car, a white male approached him and talked about selling some tobacco-related products, water, and some sort of spray. The victim said he was not interested.

The man walked away, then turned and reached into the driver’s window and snatched the victim’s wallet and iPhone, which had been placed in the cup holder. The victim gave a short chase on foot but the man got away.

7500 block of Roswell Road -A 43-year old man said that on March 23 he accidently left his iPhone 6 on the back counter of the U.S. Post Office on Trowbridge Road. Seconds later, he remembered it, but when he turned to look, the phone was gone. An employee said another person was in line at the back table.

A car dealership reported a customer used a loaner car while hers was in for repair. When the repairs were done, they made more than 20 attempts to contact the person, who has not yet returned it.

6000 block of Roswell Road — A 40-year old-man was at the Bank of America on March 24. He accidentally left his iPhone 6 on a desk while he moved to the teller line. He returned and it was gone.

8600 block of Roswell Road A 32-year old woman said she was at a sports bar at around midnight March 24. She placed her purse down by a pool table at 9 pm and left it there until midnight. She discovered that her wallet had been removed from the purse. Her credit cards had been taken and used.

Again, I probably don’t need to point out the obvious here but 9 p.m. to midnight is 3 hours.

6700 block of Powers Ferry Road – A drug store employee said two women came into the store. One attempted to district the employee, who saw that the other was stealing items, placing them in a bag. The two fled from the store and got into a white Pontiac or Buick driven by a black male.


Cops responded to a domestic call and found a woman who was bleeding from the face. She was treated and during that time said she and her boyfriend began arguing over the dog and at some point the boyfriend scratched her face. The argument started over the ownership of the puppy and during that time, the boyfriend said the victim began to squeeze the dog tightly causing the dog to bite her in the face. The boyfriend, who showed signs of intoxication, was found to be the primary aggressor in the argument and later was arrested.

Glenridge Drive — Cops answered another domestic call on. They were told by a 53-year old woman that her live-in boyfriend took the car they shared and he was intoxicated. She said the boyfriend choked and pinned her down a month ago. She said she didn’t report it because she believed he was getting better. The boyfriend was not on the scene. No arrest was made at that time.

A woman contacted police who met her and heard the following: She and her [assumed boyfriend] were in an argument over if or not she should get an abortion. During the argument, she told him that she wanted out of the car they were driving. He slammed on the brakes which caused an accident with the two cars behind him. She was allowed to leave with someone else and he was cited for Improper Stopping on the Roadway.

5700 block of Roswell Road – A man reported that on March 23 he was engaged in a warm-up session prior to an amateur hockey match and was in the phase called “stick time.” Another player began to prod him by “cross checking” and finally hit him with the part of the stick between his hands. And, well some punches were thrown. The victim said if this had occurred during regular play, he would not have made the complaint due to “hockey etiquette,” but it was uncalled for and therefore a criminal act since it had occurred before. The other player was gone.

Well, once again amateurs playing like they’re pros, soon find out that we all have to go to work the next morning so let’s not all get caught up in silliness. Regardless of how good you think you are, the NHL isn’t going to be calling to see if they could place you in the draft.

Other Things

Several reports of persons filing taxes and finding out that someone had used their Social Security numbers.

Our Strange Species

A 49-year old man told cops that he went to see a woman at her home to discuss a civil matter. He said he and the woman eventually had sex, either before, after, or during the discussion. The topic of the civil matter eventually came up again and, according to the man, the woman grabbed him by the throat, cursed at him, and pushed him against the door frame. Then, he finished getting dressed and walked outside to meet the cops who he had called. He said the woman took $28 from his wallet but then gave it back to him when the officers showed.

The woman choked him out, cursed at him and slammed him against the wall. That, coupled with a discussion of a civil matter and having sex, is apparently a series of topics and events that must be handled carefully. On the other hand, I know guys who will pay $500 for that. Strange world.

Another Satisfied Customer

Officers met with a 50-year old woman who said her ex-husband had planted numerous cameras throughout her home and was monitoring her phone and computer. She showed the officer a painting where a camera was concealed, only there was no camera.

She said her husband was involved in a scam by way of fraudulently billing Americans for horoscope services they were not using. The woman and officer walked through the home, she, pointing out cameras that didn’t exist, and the officer pretending that he doesn’t know they don’t. She finally asked him to remove the cameras and the officer, who at this point, had not commented on the cameras that didn’t exist, finally told her there were no cameras to remove.

She cursed him out and ordered him to leave her home—banished forever he is!

1100 block of Hammond Drive — A man reported that on March 25 he and his two friends were taken to the location via taxi. They man got out to get the money and paid a $20 fare. According to him, the driver wanted $2 extra for the extra passenger. He gave the driver $2. According to him, the driver threw the money back at him and ran over his foot. The taxi driver denied running over him. The officer noted the man slightly limped as he walked to him. The driver said the man used a credit card that was declined which is what started the argument. Anyway, the officer said the limp seemed maybe not so real, but what was real was the warrant officers found had been issued for the man’s arrest. He later was arrested.


8300 block ofRoswell Road – The manager of a grocery store called police around 10:30 a.m. March 20, reporting that a man was causing a disturbance at the pharmacy area. The man opened a pill bottle and threw the contents at the employee behind the counter. The employee told the man to leave the store to which the man opened a can of beer and began drinking it. The man did not leave and cops took him into custody, but the jail refused to take him because he said he wanted to hurt himself. The only option was to cite him and give him a copy of Disorderly Conduct charges and a court date.

Colquitt Road — Cops were called to an argument in a car that was quickly escalating to a physical confrontation. The officers encountered two women and a man in the car, but no fighting appeared to be going on. The trio had been to a nightclub on Roswell Road and pulled over on Colquitt when the argument got going.

The man behind the wheel, acted like he was asleep and eventually, due to poor acting, he woke and began lying to the officer about his name and date of birth. He was found to have no license and so he was arrested for obstruction (lying). No one else was in shape to drive so the car was impounded.

A restaurant owner reported that he wrote a check ($210) for plumbing work to be done at the restaurant. The check was left for the plumber at the restaurant. When the plumber arrived, they could not locate the check. The plumber was paid in cash. The victim later found the check had been cashed and had been re-written in the name of a man who happened to be an employee of the restaurant. The officer spoke to the employee, who said his wallet had been previously stolen, but he had not reported it. The employee was checked and found to be wanted in Johns Creek for Theft by Receiving. He was arrested and while facilitating the arrest, the officer found $500 cash on the employee. The employee was asked why he had that amount of cash after having his wallet and cards stolen. He said he had another card at another bank. He denied knowledge of the check theft.

7800 block of Roswell Road – Just after 2 a.m. on March 21, cops were called to a billiards parlor on an “unknown trouble” call. They observed several people outside, yelling at one another. A man said two women pushed him and someone assaulted his brother inside the bar. The brother was bleeding from the mouth and told cops he was punched in the bathroom. At this point, a bouncer said the man was causing a disturbance and threatening to shoot the place up. The man said the bouncer and another guy sucker-punched him while he was in the bathroom.

Short of drawing a flow chart as to who said and blamed who, the bottom line is everyone was blaming everyone else and no primary aggressor was found—partly due to several of them, including the bouncer, who were already gone (in a hurry.)

6300 block of Peachtree Dunwoody Road – Police were contacted about a suspicious person just before 11 a.m. March 22 at a business office area. The man was located and said he lives with his sister in the next-door apartment. On verification, the apartment did not exist at the number given. The man then got loud, accusing the officer of raising his voice to him, then blurting out “It’s Sunday!” He was arrested.

5900 block of Roswell Road -A department store employee on March 23 said she recognized a person in the store as the same person who stole items the day before. She followed the suspect and watched as she took crème and other items and placed them in a green bag. She took some towels and approached the checkout. She paid for the towels but not the items in the bag. She was detained and later arrested.

Joe Earle

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