Steve Rose

By Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose

They finally caught up with me. After nine years, On April 13, I will be moving from the community affairs role to the district commander’s spot in the south district. Your new community affairs captain will be Captain David Roskind

The south district begins at Johnson Ferry Road and incorporates everything south. For those of you living in that area, I’ll be your contact. As far as this column, I’m not yet sure what its fate will be. I enjoy doing it and there are four, maybe five, of you who actually read it. I’ll see what I can do to keep it going.

I would like to provide my Twitter handle. I was asked to create one and the new role in the south district is a good opportunity to use it for district information and updates, on crime, crime prevention, and shameless selfies. Please follow me at @captainrose on Twitter.

Joe Earle

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  1. Capt. Rose: PLEASE tell the powers-that-be that we want your column to stay!!! Only you can report the idiocy of some of the people in the Sandy Springs area in that unique, humorous way that you do!

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