Buckhead Police Blotter, Reports dated March 13 through March 21.

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

Sexual Assault

2000 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A sexual assault was reported on March 17. A woman said she went to a party with the suspect and consumed two “Long Island drinks.” After the suspect drove her back to a friend’s residence, the two sat on the couch were they kissed and eventually engaged in sexual intercourse. She reported initially telling the suspect “no,” and attempting to fight him off; she stopped fighting and engaged in sex. Afterward, the two sat on the couch. While sitting, she thought to herself she wanted him to like her and didn’t want him to leave her since he was younger. After about 20 minutes, she performed consensual oral sex on the suspect before he stopped her and said he had to go to work. The two continued talking on the phone and texting one another. She and the suspect have spoken five times since March 11. She only disclosed the sexual assault to her boyfriend. She said she wants to prosecute and believes the suspect needs counseling.


2100 block of Peachtree Road, NE – An aggravated assault was reported on March 9. A woman was inside the apartment with a group of people when the suspect got mad at her son for spilling juice on the floor. He said “You need to clean up after your son.” A verbal dispute ensued, and the man took her cellphone and threw it to the ground, causing it to break. He grabbed a broom stick and struck her on the hand, causing injuries. When police arrived, the suspect would not come out of the residence.

3100 block of Roswell Road, NE – An aggravated assault in the street was reported on March 14. The victim and friends were inside a pizza place when the suspect, who appeared intoxicated, began hugging and placing his hands around people inside the store. A verbal argument ensued between the two, and the victim and friends left. While the group was attempting to hail a cab, the suspect bumped the victim and kept running. The victim looked down and noticed he was stabbed in the stomach by the suspect. The man refused an off-duty officer’s attempt to render aid and decided against being transported. He was treated at St. Joseph’s the next day. ID responded to photograph the man’s injuries and bloody clothes.

1800 block of Cheshire Bridge Road, NE – An aggravated assault at a nightclub was reported on March 15. A woman and her ex-boyfriend were engaged in a verbal altercation that turned physical when he grabbed her hair and kicked her in the face. As he was being escorted out, he damaged a money counter and cigar humidor in the lobby area. Once outside, he went to a vehicle, retrieved a gun, pointed it at a security officer. He fled before police arrived.


2300 block of Cheshire Bridge Road, NE – A commercial robbery was reported on March 10. A man between 45 and 50 years of age entered the bank and passed a note to the teller stating “I have a gun, give me all $100.50 now.” The teller complied and handed him $100.10. He was last seen fleeing the bank in an unknown direction. No weapon ever was presented.

2100 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A pedestrian robbery was reported on March 11. A woman was attempting to enter her vehicle when suspect No. 1 grabbed her purse and began striking her, saying “Let the purse go,” while suspect No. 2 was saying “Let her go.” The suspect was successful in taking her vehicle, and fled southbound on Peachtree Road. Cameras captured a white vehicle, possibly a Nissan Murano, traveling on Peachtree Valley Road.

2000 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A residential robbery was reported on March 11. A woman heard a knock at the door and opened it. When she saw three men in hoodies, she attempted to close the door. One of the men stuck a knife between the door and frame which allowed the suspects to gain entry. Once inside, a suspect said “If you scream, I will kill you.” Her residence was ransacked, and $70 was taken from a drawer. When units arrived, suspects matching the description were seen in the lobby area.

3600 block of Oak Valley Road, NE – A pedestrian robbery in the street was reported on March 12. A woman was walking from the store when she saw the suspect sitting at the bus stop. When the suspect started following her, she attempted to run. When she stopped, the suspect demanded her purse, and pulled a black handgun when she pleaded with him not to take it. He took her purse, cellphone and groceries, and ran into a wooded area. Units canvassed the area, but found nothing useful.

1100 block of Huff Road, NW – A commercial robbery was reported on March 13. Three men, armed with handguns, entered and yelled “Where the money?” demanding money from the registers and safe. When they were told the business had no safe or registers, the clients and stylists were robbed of their cellphones, purses, wallets and iPads. One man placed a handgun to the head of one of the victims and demanded the password to her cellphone; she said it was not password protected. A victim attempted to track her cellphone; it showed it was currently offline.

1700 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A commercial robbery was reported on March 13. Two men armed with handguns entered and attempted to rob the patrons and the business. A patron escaped out the front door after a suspect tried to detain her. The men then fled the business, not getting any money or property from the patrons. A shell casing was later recovered and collected. Video footage revealed one of the suspects dropped it when he entered the business and cocked the weapon.

3300 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A commercial robbery was reported on March 15. A man was seen placing underwear into a plastic bag. Upon approach, the man slapped the victim with an open hand and attempted to strike him with his bag. The victim caught the bag, ripped it, and spilled most of the contents to the ground. The suspect made verbal threats to shoot the victim.

3200 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A commercial robbery was reported on March 19. The victim was standing at the teller making a deposit when the suspect walked up and snatched a bank envelope, then attempted to flee. The victim ran after the suspect, and the two engaged in a physical altercation as the suspect attempted to exit the door, causing damage to the lock. The suspect eventually broke free and ran south on Piedmont Road. A responding unit saw the suspect and told him to lie down. He complied. Employees recovered $4,227 of the money and returned it to the victim. The suspect later admitted, under Miranda Warning, to committing the act. The suspect and victim were treated for injuries sustained during the struggle.


900 block of Canterbury Road – A residential burglary was reported at the location. Units responded to an alarm and saw the door was unlocked. The victim later discovered a Dell laptop computer missing. A key, left underneath the mat, may have been used to gain entry.

600 block of Lambert Drive, NE – A commercial burglary was reported at the location. The locks were cut on the gate and a window on the back side of the property was broken. The owner was notified by Georgia Power Co. that the power was off in the building. When the repairman arrived, he discovered the ceiling panels were knocked down, wires were hanging, and the copper and furniture were missing.

300 block of Camden Road, NE – A residential burglary was reported on March 19. Several victims reported the suspect banging and kicking on the doors to their residence, attempting to force his way inside. When they would sound their alarm, the suspect would flee to another residence and attempt to make entry. A neighbor saw the man in the rear of a neighboring home and notified a responding unit to his whereabouts. Upon contact, the man said he “needed help” and “they were trying to kill me.” Grady EMS was called after he said he ingested crack cocaine. When police responded, the suspect was attempting to ingest an unknown amount of currency. An arrest was made.

3200 block of Downwood Circle, NW – A commercial burglary at a construction site was reported on March 20. The lock was missing and a drone worth $2,400 was taken from the property.


3700 block of Northside Parkway, NW – A larceny from a business was reported on March 9. A woman left her purse sitting on her desk while she worked. When she returned, she saw a co-worker inside her purse. When confronted, the suspect said she thought her cellphone was inside. A bottle of Adderall was taken.

4200 block of W. Club Lane, NE – A larceny from a residence was reported on March 14. The rear of a tow trailer lock was cut. Five post lode guns, three Hitachi guns, Echo backpack blower, Bosch jigsaw, Bosch transit, Cobalt Impact driver, DeWalt drill, 100 ft. of electrical cord, DeWalt ratchet driver, Ryobi saw and a Makita saw were taken.

1100 block of Roxboro Cove, NE – A larceny from a residence was reported on March 17. A suspect and minor child were seen taking a pair of UGG sandals from the victim’s front porch.

3200 block of Roswell Road, NW – A larceny from a salon was reported on March 20. A man and a woman entered the salon and asked to look at polish. When an employee walked away, the man picked up the employee’s Apple iPhone6. After the suspects left the shop, the employee blocked their car. They attempted to strike him with their vehicle. When the employee attempted to open a passenger’s side door, one suspect rolled up the window on his arm.

Larceny from Auto

1900 block of Howell Mill Road, NW – A larceny from a vehicle was reported on March 12. The rear left window was shattered and a Lenovo T14 laptop was taken. A man in a red Dodge Avenger with dark tint and a tent strip across the windshield is seen throwing an object through the window.

1600 block of Piedmont Avenue, NE – Larcenies from a vehicles were reported on March 12. Three vehicles were targeted. Tools, money, a leather briefcase, an Apple iPod Touch, Surface tablet, HP 17” laptop, book bag, leather shoulder bag, $120 in currency, Spartina makeup bag, makeup, checkbook, debit card and a KC watch were taken.

1000 block of Huff Road – A larceny from a vehicle was reported on March 16. There were no signs of forced entry. Two pairs of UGG boots, four pairs of sunglasses, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Carrera sunglasses, WIC vouchers and a work ID were taken.

3200 block of Peachtree Road, NE – A larceny from a vehicle was reported on March 19. Two vehicles were targeted. The passenger’s side door was damaged on vehicle No. 1. A bed/black backpack, 30-day supply of Adderall, a pair of orange/black Beats headphones, pinkeye medication, a black Dell laptop, CPA textbooks, a work ID and a pair of Phillips headphones were taken. The window was broken on vehicle No. 2 and $20 was taken.

Auto Theft

1700 block of Moores Mill Road, NW – A vehicle was reported stolen from the backyard of a residence on March 17. A woman discovered the rear gate lock damaged, boards lying in the yard, and a blue 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 400 ATV missing. Three men knocked on the victim’s door earlier and questioned her about an adjacent plot of land.

1900 block of Spink Street, NW – A blue 2006 Chrysler Pacifica was reported stolen on March 20. The vehicle was taken from the city street after the victim left it parked there due to mechanical issues.

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