DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May updates the Dunwoody Homeowners Association April 12.
DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May updates the Dunwoody Homeowners Association April 12.

As cities increase in size and number, DeKalb County needs to reevaluate the scope of its government, CEO Lee May said at the April 12 meeting of the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.

With the proposed cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker on the ballot for November, May said DeKalb County government needs to know what it is. He said that though often a “tough love” situation, as long as cities and the county continue with dialouge, progress can be made.

“We are intentional as a county to work with new cities,” May said.

He noted that the proposed Druid Hills annexation had everything to do with the schools and that finding the next school board superintendent is paramount. “Very few things for me have a higher priority,” May said about finding a superintendent who is an “out-of-the-box thinker.” Though May said he supports charter schools, he said he doesn’t think they are a panacea and what matters most is having options.

“We need robust dialogue even when it’s a tough conversation,” he said.

May updated the DHA as to legislation passed that will help ensure better oversight for county government. An office for an independent internal auditor will be created as will an independent audit oversight committee composed of members who are not appointed by the Board of Commissioners.They will be selected in a similar fashion to the new board of ethics committee, by members of the Chamber of Commerce, Leadership DeKalb and other bodies.

The committee will bring forth nominees and the measures put in effect through legislation will “add teeth” to insisting the Board of Commissioners selects someone. If after 30 days, the BOC hasn’t selected an internal auditor then the committee will make the selection, May said.

Other things May discussed included the still vacant District 5 seat and the effect of a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax on residents of DeKalb County and Dunwoody.