Due to the forecasted rains, the Dunwoody Lemonade Days event has been moved up to the front end of the park, to keep all rides on flat asphalt.  There will be no N. Peachtree access from now through Sunday at 6 p.m. The front gate will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday during non-event hours.

Barricades that people can walk around will be up during event hours through Sunday at 6 p.m.  The Peeler Road entrance will be open for Dog Park and other parking toward that end of the park.  Parking for Lemonade Days is available at Kingswood United Methodist Church, Crossroads Church of Dunwoody, Peachtree Middle School, St. Barnabas Church and St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, although a few of those churches will have signs on Sunday, designating what time parking may start (after their services are over).

The other option is to enter at the Peeler Road entrance of the park, and park toward the dog park end of the park, along the road. The Barclay Road entry to the park via the walking path is still viable, but it will be a longer walk from the middle school lot since the event is not near that entrance this year.

Handicapped parking will be available, but drivers will need to enter at the Peeler Road entrance.

Get a festival coupon from Councilman John Heneghan’s blog.