The Dunwoody City Council on April 27 approved and added to the 2010 Comprehensive Plan a plan for Winters Chapel Road.

The plan comes from meetings between city staff for Dunwoody and staff for Peachtree Corners, with input received from residents of both cities.

While members of Dunwoody City Council discussed specifics of the study, its approval signifies a step forward rather than a set plan of action. Details agreed upon for the area study, which has already been approved by Peachtree Corners City Council, include two preferences:

1. That the funding level identified as B2, which includes 5-foot wide sidewalks on both sides of Winters Chapel Road, with associated street furniture, and a 12-foot multi-use trail from Spalding to Peeler Road on the west side.

2. The City of Dunwoody will work with Sandy Springs and Peachtree Corners to set a consistent speed limit for Winters Chapel Road.

Councilman John Heneghan noted one Dunwoody speed limit in the area had already been changed and creating a unified speed limit in this area remains an important aspect of planning.

Councilman Doug Thompson, whose district is represented in the Winters Chapel Road area, said he wants to maintain the 12-foot wide multi-use trail standard that exists in Dunwoody, and if plans necessitate change in the future then council can work from the higher standard, rather than start from a 10-foot wide minimum.

“Keep in mind this is a street-scape plan, not a master plan,” Thompson said. He added that the area will need its own sub area master plan, but getting started is crucial.

Thompson added that as important as maintaining the standard of Dunwoody is for him, he wants to progress.

“The last thing I want to do is mess anything up with Winters Chapel because that’s an area where it needs so much,” Thompson said. He then described hearing repeatedly about four choices of bench standard, and people in his district noted that must “be a Dunwoody Village Parkway problem because we don’t have benches,” Thompson said. “The other side of town talks about what style of bench they want, where we just want a bench.”

Mayor Mike Davis agreed, saying the point of approving the study was to “begin the conversation without it being a comprehensive plan of any sort,” he said.

“I’m afraid the deeper we get into the details of this, the harder it’s going to be to ever get anywhere,” Davis said. “Let’s just get an agreement started that gets us on the same page.”

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