William Denning
William Denning

As a junior in high school, William Denning has already found his passion in life: graphic design.

His interest was first sparked in eighth grade when he took part in a Synergy class at The Westminster Schools.  He and his group were challenged to identify an issue in the community and work to solve it.

William struggled to pinpoint problems in the community that he could feasibly fix, but he discovered that he was able to support the other groups in his class by acting as the communications and graphic design expert.

In the years following William’s initial exposure to marketing, he decided to explore every aspect of the profession. During the summer before his sophomore year, William worked with Whittaker Marketing, a small marketing firm in Dothan, Alabama. Because of the size of the company and the city itself, the job offered William experience in every aspect of marketing.
“With bigger firms you don’t get as much personal connection with the client,” William said.

The summer before his junior year, William took on a new challenge by working on the Michelle Nunn campaign. Through his work as one of the campaign’s summer communications fellows, William gained insight into the more “liberal, fast-paced, modern, guerilla marketing” side of the profession.

Specifically, William worked as a graphic designer and content creator for the campaign’s social media sites. He learned invaluable skills working on the campaign because he was tasked with building a campaign that created a connection with a wide range of voters in Atlanta, along with every other region of Georgia.

From his knowledge and experience in the marketing and graphic design field, William has gained a new view of marketing.

He has worked in various business settings and gained experience working alongside other professionals. He has acquired the versatility of a professional who has had to adapt from catering to a local audience to a very national audience. William is currently working on building his portfolio.

Along with his early career in graphic design, William is an active participant on Westminster’s mock trial team and an avid thespian. As a first-year plaintiff lawyer, William earned an “Outstanding Attorney” award from the district mock trial competition earlier this year.

William’s years of participating in theater have had a lasting impact on him, he said. William says that theater has given him “memorization skills, positivity and community.” He said that the theater is an “amazing community that a lot of people mature into,” and he expects to perform once he goes to college.

What’s Next:

William hopes to study at New York University and continue building his marketing career.

This article was prepared by Elizabeth Harvey, a student at The Westminster Schools.