Dunwoody City Council on May 11 approved an intergovernmental agreement to partner with DeKalb County for a stream restoration project on Bunky Way.

This agreement puts into writing a plan to share the estimated $160,000 cost 50/50. If DeKalb County staff agrees to the IGA, the project will stop further erosion by repairing the culvert and adjacent sewer main.

Residents David Fuller and Jeff Gillette, who each own homes on Bunky Way, spoke in favor of the IGA during public comment.

Fuller said he lost 60 to 80 feet of his backyard, several hardwood trees and his fence.

“The erosion has exposed nine feet of sewer line,” Gillette said.

Council members expressed concerns about working with DeKalb County and suggested a status update after 90 days to make sure the county staff continues to move forward on the project.

“It’s not done, yet,” said Mayor Mike Davis, “but we’re moving in the right direction.”