A new study projects that the proposed city of LaVista Hills can provide services without increasing taxes in the area and still operate with a surplus, a group promoting the creation of the city said May 15.

Voters in the LaVista Hills are to vote Nov. 3 on whether to create the proposed new city that would cover a portion of DeKalb County south of Brookhaven and Chamblee. To see the proposed city’s boundaries, click here

LaVista Hills Yes said a new study study by the Carl Vinson Institute of the University of Georgia says the proposed city could provide police, parks, planning, zoning, business development and road maintenance. Using tax revenues now collected in the area, the city would operate with a $1.7 million surplus, LaVista Hills Yes said.

“The UGA analysis confirms what we already knew, that LaVista Hills will provide increased services with no new taxes,” Allen Venet, chairman of LaVista Hills Yes said in a press release. “UGA completed as conservative and active a study as possible and they still project a surplus …”

The study found that the city would take in 67,446 residents, 50 acre of parks and have total annual revenues of about $36.9 million.

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Joe Earle

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