Courtesy CBS46
Courtesy CBS46

Atlanta Police have made contact with a women who left a note saying she was being held against her will at a fast food restaurant on Memorial Day.

APD released this statement to the media:

Atlanta Police Investigators have located Ms. LaShonda Marie Cortez, the woman who passed a note that she was being held against her will at a local Wendy’s. She is alive and in good health and was found in the City of Atlanta. At this time they are still talking with her, so we have no additional updates nor will sound be provided at this time.

Cortez walked into the Wendy’s restaurant on Piedmont Road in Buckhead just before noon and asked for a piece of paper. She wrote that she was being held against her will, but then voluntarily left the restaurant and got into a truck with a man.

The driver of the truck was found and interviewed by police, but the man said he was a friend of Cortez and she was not being kidnapped or held against her will.

Collin Kelley

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