Capt. Steve Rose

The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from May 9 through May 22.
The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.


200 block of Peachtree Hollow Court—On May 16, a man said that just after 4 a.m. he was walking on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road when he was approached by car that stopped next to him. The driver asked if he needed a ride. He told the man no. The man in the car then asked if he smoked marijuana. He said he did not. The man then pulled a gun, pointed it at him and demanded his wallet. The victim gave him his wallet containing two dollars. The suspect looked at it and gave it back—taking nothing. He told the victim that if the cops found his fingerprints on it, he’d kill him. The suspect then drove away.
8000 block of Roswell Road—On May 17, a delivery driver said he delivered an order to an apartment at the Dunwoody Pointe Apartments. No one answered at the door so the driver phoned the call-back number and was then approached by two men from the parking lot. One said he left his keys downstairs and turned as if to walk down the stairway, but then turned around holding a silver semi-automatic pistol. They took the driver’s iPhone and the food.


1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On May 9, a department store alarm activated just after 3 a.m. Officers found forced entry to the front door. A rock was found on the floor by the shattered glass door. A Michael Kors purse was found on the floor. About 15-20 purses were stolen. Store video showed two men in the store at 3:08 a.m. One suspect wore a long-sleeve grey shirt, jeans and a black ball cap with a yellow visor. The second suspect wore a dark blue hoodie and jeans.
Whitley Park Drive—On May 9, officers responding to an alarm just after 10 p.m. found a set of doors forced open. Nothing appears to have been taken.
Lazarian Court—On May 9, a resident said that around 9:45 p.m. she heard noises coming from her rear porch. She looked and found a man standing just inside the screened-in porch. The man fled. A search did not turn up the suspect. This home is just behind the home on Whitley Park Drive. Probably the same guy.
Other burglaries were reported on May 10 on Cedar Run and on May 11 in the 200 block of Franklin Road and in the 5400 block of Glenridge Drive.
6900 block of Roswell Road—On May 13, someone reported a burglary of a condo where a 55-inch Samsung TV and a Bose audio system were taken while the resident was moving out. The loss is about $3,800.
Harris Trail—On May 13, a resident reported that between May 1 and 9 someone entered her garage and took items from it.
9000 block of Gables Lane—On May 13, a resident said someone kicked in his door and took an iPad, SKS 7.62 rifle and an Xbox game system.
1100 block of Hammond Drive—On May 13, a resident said someone forced the deadbolt open, entered the apartment and took a pair of sunglasses. The officer noted that the resident said if the perp was caught, she would not prosecute. Well, first of all, if we do find this dude, we’re going to prosecute him (assuming it’s a him) so your non-commitment will have been wasted. Ha!! So there.
7000 block of Glisten Avenue—On May 14, a woman reported that someone took several pieces of silver from her residence sometime between February 15 and May 14.
1100 block of Hammond Drive—On May 14, a resident manager said they evicted a woman after three months of non-payments. When marshals entered to remove the items, it was discovered that most of the apartment’s appliances were gone.
3000 block of The Valley—On May 14, a resident said someone broke into his apartment and took a laptop. An additional burglary was discovered in the 5200 block of The Valley.
6300 block of Powers Ferry Road—On May 15, an alarm call activated around 2:30 a.m. Responding officers found smashed windows on the fast-food business and evidence of burglary. A small amount of cash was later reported missing. Officers found blood, which was swabbed and entered as evidence.
4000 block of Spalding Forest Court—On May 15, a resident found his apartment door kicked in and his Xbox game system stolen.
6800 block Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On May 15, a resident said he arrived home from work and found his door kicked open and a 32-inch Sharp LED TV missing.


3100 block of River Exchange Drive—On May 11, an 82-year old woman reported that several pieces of jewelry were taken from her residence. She said an employee of the facility came to the residence to clean at the time when she had to leave for an appointment. She reported three necklaces missing.
1200 block of Wingate Way—On May 11, an air-conditioning unit was reported stolen.
800 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On May 13, a construction manager reported tools were stolen from a construction area sometime between May 8 and 10.
First block of Trowbridge Road—On May 15, someone stole the golf cart belonging to an apartment complex. A resident reported seeing a man take the cart. It is beige in color with a soft plastic cover (top) and valued at $5,000. The suspect was described as a kid wearing a white shirt and jean shorts. A patrol officer located the cart a short time later on the sidewalk of Spalding Drive.
6500 block of Roswell Road—On May 13, a manager for a car rental place reported that a truck was rented on March 30 with a return date of April 1. After several efforts to recover the truck and failed correspondence to the renter, they reported it stolen.
On May 13, department store employees reported that a man came in with a fraudulent traveler’s Check for $100 and purchased an item for $15, receiving $85 in change. He did so again, with another fake check and received $90 in change.


The manager of the Dunwoody Place Apartments at 6800 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road reported that an apartment resident paid two month’s rent with a fraudulent credit card. Rent charges were $1,397 and $1,246.


A man on Powers Chase Drive said that just after 3 a.m., a car-for-hire driver punched him in the face after he complained that he was taking the wrong road. The passenger said the driver told him, “All I’m trying to do is take your drunk a** home [expletive deleted]” He told the driver to stop and he would get out. He said the driver threatened to kill him and punched him under the eye—then took him home. The man took a photo of the tag with his phone. He said the driver forcefully took the phone, attempting to delete the photo but failed to do so.
6800 block of Roswell Road—On May 9, a man reported that around 4:20 a.m. he and his girlfriend woke to find two men, whom they met “a while back,” standing over them in the apartment bedroom. The resident told the men to leave. They hit him in the face and left in a Toyota 4Runner. The motive was not listed in the report. They believe the men climbed to the back patio area and entering the apartment through an unlocked sliding door. The victim was treated at the scene and not seriously injured.
8100 block of Colquitt at the intersection of Northridge Crossing Drive—On May 9, a 25-year-old woman said she was looking for her friend’s jacket and, while in her car, came upon about 10 people hanging around the intersection. She asked about the jacket, which somehow angered another girl who punched the victim in the eye, took her cellphone and ran off. The cops learned that the suspect’s name was possibly Tiffanye. When they spoke to the victim, she was evasive about the information. She didn’t seem to have much desire to find out anything more.
Preston Woods Trail—On May 9, a man with a history of domestic violence was arrested during a domestic violence call.
100 block of Northwood Drive—On May 9, around 9 p.m., officers responded to an assault and found a man who had been hit in the head by another man holding a gun. The suspect walked past the victim and then said something to the man like, “If you talk to the police, I’ll shoot you” and then hit him. The victim had a good-sized laceration and was transported to the hospital. He did not know the man who was about 30 years old and wore a sleeveless shirt and baggy pants. The same man had been seen earlier near the liquor store on Northwood Drive, with the gun in his waistband.
4900 block of Roswell Road—On May 9, a man was arrested for domestic violence.

Other Things

Spring Creek Lane—A man said he and a coworker had some cocktails beginning at 4 p.m. and ended up in bed together. The man woke to find another man standing over him with a gun, yelling “Get out before I kill you!” He, not needing to be told twice, took the hint and vacated in a hurry, minus his shoes and pants. The man with a gun turned out to be the boyfriend of the girl in bed with our victim. He said he had no gun and ordered the man to get out. The girlfriend confirmed the drinking and bed part, but said there was no gun involved. The officer retrieved the man’s pants and shoes and gave him a ride to MARTA for the long ride home—allowing time for reflection. Many of you know that Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote a very appropriate song about being at the wrong place and time with the wrong person. Fortunately for this dude, he gave him the three steps needed to git!
6900 block of Roswell Road—A man said he rented an apartment for two months and paid $1,300 to a woman for the rental. He moved in, but was soon visited by the apartment staff asking what he was doing in a vacant apartment. Now, he cannot get the woman to call him back. Lesson learned I hope. Most apartment complexes do not allow sub-renting. Not a good idea to agree and pay without a call to the office. Check with them first.
5500 Glenridge Drive—On May 9, at 2:30 a.m., a beat officer passed a man standing next to his car. The man was urinating in the middle of the roadway. According to the report, his genitalia was exposed so he was cited for public urination. Middle of the road? If you’ve got to go and you can’t make it to the public restroom, look for bushes, or other isolated areas (not yards of homes by the way) or take the hit and just get home quickly and change pants. We’ve never cited anyone for wetting their pants—at least not for that alone. Point is, middle of the road is not a good idea.
200 block of Northwood Drive—A man spotted a police car pulling into the parking lot and crouched down behind a car. Unfortunately for him, another police car pulled into the area on the other side of the lot and that officer spotted the man hiding. He confronted him and asked him what he was doing. The man said, “Don’t worry about it” which means “I’m drunk. Take me to jail.” He was charged with prowling after he could not provide a reason he was there (didn’t live there) just before 1 a.m.
5600 block of Roswell Road—An officer riding through an apartment lot passed a man who appeared intoxicated and, perhaps, too young to be drinking legally. He spoke to the man who, upon seeing the cop, tossed his beer into the bed of the pickup truck he was standing next to. The man was unsteady on his feet and appeared to have just thrown up next to the truck.
The officer determined he lived in the complex and told him that to avoid being cited as intoxicated in public he should go back to his apartment. To which the man replied that he did nothing wrong and would remain outside to smoke his cigarette, which means “I’m drunk. Take me to jail.” He was charged with underage consumption and public intoxication. He told the officers that he had consumed eight beers in the past hour and had played a drinking game with vodka. He was then checked by EMS and taken to the hospital after officers noted that he was shaking and acting “zoned out.”
Just remember that when you play drinking games with vodka, vodka wins. The only thing worse? Drinking games with tequila in which you wake up the following day wearing a beret, clown shoes—and nothing else.
6300 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On May 11, store staff members detained a man for taking a bottle of Probiotic 10, Turmeric and a pack of Front Line Plus. He put the items in the shopping cart and then placed a large bag of dog food on top of that. He paid for the dog food and then was stopped past the checkout line and detained. The stolen items totaled $82. He was charged with shoplifting.

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