Lee May
Lee May

After special investigators found “dubious expenses” in the way DeKalb County officials used county-issue purchasing cards, the “P-card” program is being suspended, Interim CEO Lee May announced June 8.

The county said in a press release it would suspend the use of the cards for most users effective Friday, June 12, and allow only narrow exceptions “in extreme circumstances” involving public safety and public works emergencies.

The county said the investigators found “numerous examples” where employees  used the cards for ‘dubious expenses charged to the county with no apparent direct benefit to county government and/or with no justification or explanation given, including improper use of tax-exempt status,purchases of unauthorized items and splitting purchases to circumvent the county’s $1,000 per transaction limit.

“Let me emphasize that the vast majority of employees of DeKalb County are hard-working, honest men and women who do their jobs everyday with honor and dignity.  I appreciate them,” May said.  “I want those few who have not played by the rules to know that I am serious about restoring the public’s confidence, and we will continue to carry out reform and restore trust in our government.”

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