The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from May 23 through June 5.
The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.
8600 block of Roswell Road—On May 27, a man reported he was at a sports bar around 2:30 a.m. and spoke to someone he knew. The man didn’t respond, so the victim said, “I see you aren’t having a good day, so have a good night.” The man later punched him, knocking him down. The victim left the bar and then noticed the suspect and seven other guys were following him. They surrounded him and the aggressor told him to empty his pockets. He threw down what he had and ran. He called the police from a nearby convenient store.
1100 block of Pitts Road (and Colquitt Road)—On May 28, a man said he was walking near the intersection around 10:30 p.m. when he was approached by two males, one of whom pulled a gun. They took his items from his pocket including $80 cash, cellphone and bank cards.
5000 block of Roswell Road—A man reported that as he got out of his car at night, another man was staring at him. The man came over and asked him what he was staring at and then pulled a gun, first demanding an apology and then the victim’s personal items.
5500 block of Glenridge Drive—On May 23, a resident reported her apartment door had been forced open. Jewelry and a television had been taken. She had been away from about 7:30 p.m. until just after 3 a.m.
5600 block of Kingsport Drive—On May 24, a man said he found his son’s bedroom window open and a message written on his son’s bedroom chair read: “You’ve got the power.”
6300 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On May 25, a resident said upon returning home that he saw that his front door had been forced open. Missing is an iPad and two personal Dell Laptops and two pairs of Beats headphones.
8400 block of Roswell Road—On May 26, a 79-year-old woman said someone took her purse from a TV stand inside her bedroom. She believes that since there was no forced entry, someone had a key. Missing is personal documents and some cash.
5000 block of Spalding Drive—On May 27, a resident found a rock that had been thrown through a back glass door. The resident found no evidence of anything missing.
5800 block of Glenridge Drive—On May 28, officers responding to an alarm at 5 a.m. found a door/window shattered and an Apple keyboard hanging out the window. A rock had been used to shatter the glass. It appears two iMac computer were taken.
8300 block of Roswell Road—On May 30, a resident said his neighbor called him, telling him a window was broken and it appeared someone attempted or entered the home. The home was clearly ransacked however the only item taken was $220 in cash.
Cedar Run—On May 31, a woman returning home from out of town discovered that someone forced her front door open and entered. The apartment was ransacked and expletives were written on a bedroom wall. The victim said her daughter had a recent run in with two sisters over a guy.
2900 block of The Valley—On June 1, someone forced a door to the resident’s apartment and took a 55-inch TV, laptop, PS3 game system and a Glock pistol.
4000 block of Gables Lane—On June 1, someone forced an apartment door open and took a 55-inch Samsung TV and two guns.
1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On May 23, staff at a sporting goods store saw a man (on camera) cutting off sensor tags on items and then leaving the store without paying for the items, which totaled $181. He got into a Nissan Sentra and left the scene.
8300 block of Roswell Road—On May 23, an employee of a liquor store told police that just after 9 p.m. three men came in. Two proceeded to distract the employee while a third took a bottle of vodka, slid it down his pants and left.
8700 block of Roswell Road—A woman said she accidentally left her wallet on the self-checkout counter at a grocery store. She returned but did not find it. Store surveillance showed a woman taking the wallet, but apparently did not turn it in.
8000 block of Roswell Road—A woman reported her 2002 Chevy Tahoe was taken. She said she is behind on her Titlemax loan, however Titlemax did not have the car on an impound list.
5400 block of Roswell Road—A man reported someone stole his 2007 Vespa LX150 yellow scooter.
800 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On May 26, a woman said that she placed her purse in a secured area only accessed by employees. The purse, lying in a chair, was taken. Someone took her iPhone4 and credit cards. The cards were later used for online purchases totaling $1,500.
5800 block of Glenridge Drive—On May 27, a man told officers that someone took three bottles of Oxycodone from his safe around April 27. He said he noticed them missing, however doesn’t know how. He said the drugs were expired.
8500 block of Roswell Road—On May 28, a woman called police to report that two checks were taken from her 91-year-old mother’s room at an assisted living center. One of the checks had been cashed for $600 at a Bank of America on Turner Hill Road in Lithonia.
6100 block of Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On May 28, a man reported that around 9:30 a.m. he was in the process of checking out of his hotel room and, while doing so, he unloaded his luggage and small children from the elevator. Before he could get one of the luggage carts out, the doors closed and off it went. He followed on another elevator to the ground floor. The first elevator, containing luggage cart and bags, had already lifted off again. When it returned, the cart was gone. The officer viewed the video and saw a man wearing a black security type uniform. The man gets on the elevator with the luggage cart. At the time he gets on, he’s holding one laptop type bag. When he gets off at the 6th floor, he has two bags. The cart and bags were found but it appears a gun and a phone charger were taken.
6600 block of Roswell Road—On May 28, a woman said she accidently left her wallet at a coffee shop. The next day the bank called her, telling her that her debit card was used for $600.
900 block of Acadinana Drive—On May 31, a cabbie said he drove a man to Acadinana Drive just after midnight. The man threw up in the cab and left without paying the $40. The officer could not get anyone to the door where the man went in.
No address—A 79-year-old woman reported that while she was shopping at a grocery store on May 31, just after noon, someone lifted her wallet from her purse in the car. She did not know about the theft until American Express called her regarding a charge. The store video showed a man wearing a blue Polo shirt with white stripes, shorts and a baseball cap walk up to the cart. He was holding a paper bag to cover while he swiped the wallet. Zip it closed, place it not in the seat of the cart but in the bottom of the cart but, zipping the purse closed will solve the problem.
5600 block of Roswell Road—On May 31, store employees reported that a man took a $25 bottle of “David Beckham Fragrance” and then, on another day, he took six bottles of “Eau De Toile” Cologne, totaling just over $200. He left in a silver car and the tag number was obtained. Detectives have the case.
For those of you stealing cologne out there, remember: You don’t want to smell too good when we lock you up.
8100 block of Colquitt Road—On June 1, a man reported that someone took his purple-colored “World Religions” paperback book from a book shelf in his front room.
Dunwoody Springs Drive—On June 1, a resident reported a stolen Mazda 3 with a Florida tag. The car was a rental.
First block of Cedar Run—On June 1, a 17-year-old woman reported she loaned her phone to a guy name Deangelo on May 29. When she asked for it back, he said he lost it during an altercation involving a gun and “some weed.” The police were called and Deangelo said he dropped the gun. One of the victim’s friends told her that she was receiving “selfies” from the victim’s phone. The person in the photo appears to be Deangelo’s younger brother. It appears Deangelo has not been straight up with the victim. This story is getting boring so let’s move on.
5600 block of Roswell Road—On June 3, a man shoplifted two Xbox controllers from a department store and then took them to a gaming store at the Prado. They would not take them because they were fresh out of the box and employees were familiar with the M.O. of stealing from the department store and selling to them. The suspect selling them is on video but his ID is not yet known. The woman with him at the time was identified and detectives will follow up.
6000 block of Lake Forrest Drive—On May 27, a company representative said that a company check was cashed for $29,664 in Arlington, Virginia. The actual check remains in the office so the check was fabricated. A vendor said they too had a check stolen recently and the perpetrator was caught. Detectives are looking to see if there is a connection as well as bank evidence where it was cashed.
7700 block of Roswell Road—A 23-year-old woman said that she attended a pool party during the day, and placed her wallet on a pool chair and later found that her debit card and $40 cash missing. The thief used the card at nearby stores, totaling just under $40.
6300 Roswell Road—On May 28, a man walked into a bank at around 12:30 p.m. He had a check to be cashed in the amount of $725. The employee checked with the issuer of the check and found that it had not been issued to that person. Upon seeing this, the man walked out of the bank.

A woman reported that she believes someone hacked into her Facebook account and email, accessing her personal information, nude pics and a sex video. She received a call from a friend telling her someone was on Facebook and SnapChat using her name. Sex videos are in with celebrities and others and it’s really not that “shocking” to hear of it. However, for us mortal souls who have to work for a living, remember that anything you do on digital media, and especially transmitted, even privately email to email, can be hacked and shown on the Net via YouTube or any number of other web broadcast devices.
A 63-year-old woman discovered someone opened a Verizon Phone account in her name.
A 31-year-old man said his bank called him and reported his debit card number was used for just over $500 at a Cornerstone Bank in North Carolina.
A 26-year-old woman reported that her debit card was used to pay two bills for approximately $740 each, in Savannah, Ga. One bill was to TitleMax. She suspects a co-worker. Uh, if you pay your TitleMax payment with a stolen debit card, well, we’ll probably figure that out.
Roswell Road—Coffee shop employees reported that while checking the deposits for the day, they found a fake $20 bill.
A 41-year-old woman reported that someone used her debit card and removed $793 from her PayPal account. She said she recently worked with someone from a publishing company in an attempt to get her book published. She gave her account and PayPal information to that person, who she has learned is a con man.
800 Hammond Drive—On May 25, around 10:30 p.m. cops responded to a hotel because someone said a woman had been hit by a car. She told officers that she pulled into the hotel parking lot and intended to book a room. She was approached by a man who asked her to join him in his suite. She refused and he grabbed her keys. She exited her car and began to scream. He entered his car, with her following him to retrieve her keys. He drove forward, struck her and then he left the scene. She called the police, at which time he returned on foot, tossed her the keys, and ran off. She (turns out she’s known him since she was 12) obtained his name and date of birth and gave that info to the cops. She was seen and later taken to the hospital for lower back pain. Hotel staff said no one witnessed the incident and no one matching the suspect’s name had booked a room. Turns out he is the boyfriend, whom she is trying to get away from due to his drug use and violent ways.
Other Things
A 28-year-old woman reported that her ex-boyfriend had been calling and texting her telling her that she needed to help him with a problem or he would make up lies to the police in order to get her in trouble. He said he would come over and kick her door down if she didn’t let him in.
1000 block of Crestline Parkway-On May 23, a hotel manager reported that someone activated a smoke bomb on the third floor of the hotel just after midnight. The hotel had to be evacuated due to the heavy smoke. The person who was responsible eventually came forward and was charged with disorderly conduct. There was some damage to the hotel property.
Hammond Drive—On May 26, officers got a call around 2 p.m. of a man yelling outside of an apartment complex. The man was yelling “Queens, Princes, Kings, Holy Ghosts, he will never take the throne!” as he pointed to the King and Queen Buildings at the Concourse. The 53-year-old man was located and found to have been the same kicked out of a local bar on Roswell Road after refusing to pay the tab. That officer earlier had given him a ride to the MARTA station, but he apparently hung around. He was arrested. On the way to jail he told the officer that he was “evil” and “serving the devil” and prayed for the officer’s “children to suffer.” Alcohol was involved.
1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On May 28, employees of a sports store watched a man who removed tags from clothing items and then attempted to leave without paying for them. He was detained. Officers spoke with the man, who gave a fake name. A fingerprint scanner was employed and verified his real name and a warrant already pending for a failure to appear charge in Sandy Springs. He was arrested.
6300 block of Roswell Road—On May 30, a woman was detained and then later arrested after stealing five items of clothing at a department store. She had placed the items in cart, pushed the cart to a secluded aisle, place the items in a bag, then tried to exit the store where her husband and child were waiting. She was taken to the Fulton Jail annex in Alpharetta. The value of the items was just over $81.
5800 block of Roswell Road—On May 31, an officer using a car equipped with a license tag reader got a hit on a car that passed him in the opposite direction. He stopped the car and spoke to the driver and passenger. The driver said he had an agreement to use the car month-to-month. The rental company disputed that, saying the car was stolen as of Jan. 29, when it was not turned in. The passenger gave the officer a fake name, however the officer, utilizing a mobile fingerprint scanner, verified the person’s correct name. A small amount of marijuana was located in a cigarette pack. Both men were arrested.
Ga. 400/I-285—On June 1, following a traffic stop for no seatbelt, an officer detected marijuana. He found a small amount, but also found a stolen SigSauer 9mm pistol, taken in Auburn, Ala. The driver was also found to be a convicted felon now in possession of a firearm. He was arrested.
7800 block of Colquitt Road—On June 2, an officer pulled a car over around midnight because it was on the wrong side of Pitts Road. After the stop, the officer checked the driver on the computer and found the driver was wanted on a probation warrant out of Fulton County. The man bolted as the officer attempted to handcuff him. The officer chased the man, caught him and then secured him with handcuffs. The man then said he wasn’t the person on the license. It appears, however, that he is. He was charged with traffic offenses, obstruction and false representation.
500 block of Johnson Ferry—A man was arrested after narcotics detectives executed a search warrant and seized 60 male marijuana plants and about 12 female plants in addition to about 10 pounds of weed in the non-plant form. The plants were set up in the hydroponic growing setup in the basement with the lights, filters and fans. The arrested man said the type of marijuana being grown was “Sour Diesel” and he was in fact doing “God’s work” by selling it.
5700 block of Roswell Road—Cops were called to a gas station, where they found a woman inside the store, angry and thrashing about. The woman, known to the officers, had a job of taking the trash out for the employees in exchange for cigarettes. Apparently on this night, a different employee was on duty and didn’t like the woman taking the cigarettes and so an argument and physical confrontation ensued. The woman became irate at the officer and lunged at him, grabbing his uniform. (This is a no-no by the way.) She was handcuffed for protection and later arrested. Alcohol was involved.