The Buckhean Men’s Garden Club greenhouse, based at Atlanta History Center, will relocate to Oakland Cemetery this summer.

The Cyclorama painting’s move to Buckhead will require use of space on the Atlanta History Center campus now occupied by the Buckhead Men’s Garden Club’s greenhouse. So the club has offered the greenhouse structure to historic Oakland Cemetery.

With the help of History Center, the city of Atlanta Department of Parks & Recreation, the Urban Design Commission, Georgia State University, and other groups and private donors, Oakland Cemetery will relocate and reconstruct the 50-foot by 30-foot greenhouse this summer.

That means the cemetery will have its first functioning greenhouse in more than four decades, representatives of the Historic Oakland Foundation said in a press release.

The greenhouse will help the cemetery staff grow plants historically found at Oakland, the foundation said, because staff members won’t be limited to growing temperature-specific varieties.

After the foundation’s establishment in 1976, plans were made to restore the greenhouse and other cemetery structures that had fallen into disrepair. However, that project never happened. Brick walls are all that remain of the greenhouse today.

The men’s garden club’s greenhouse fits perfectly in those existing walls. This allows Oakland’s preservation team to restore the greenhouse while retaining its historic features and meeting preservation standards.

“Having a working greenhouse will give us the opportunity to properly interpret this important part of our history. It will also open up other possibilities, from a more diverse palette of Victorian-era plants to the ability to hold classes and workshops,” said Sara Henderson, director of gardens at HOF.

The cemetery’s current greenhouse is in disrepair, and plans to restore it never materialized.