From police reports dated May31 through June 13

The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta

Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


100 block of West Wieuca Road—On June 10, a man was sitting in his vehicle when three men armed with handguns took his iPhone, wallet and keys. The suspects were last seen entering a red Nissan or Toyota four-door sedan. Police attempted to track the phone, but it was turned off.

4500 block of Harris Trail–An Uber driver was blocked in by a dark-colored sedan as she pulled into a driveway to turn around. Two men emerged from the rear of the sedan and approached both sides of her vehicle, demanding money. She said she had no money and offered her cellphone instead. The suspects took a Galaxy 6 phone and her white Volvo XC90. The victim injured her ankle as she ran across the street for help.

1000 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—On June 9, a man approached another man from behind as he was using an ATM. The robber displayed a handgun and threatened to shoot if the man at the ATM did not withdraw all of his money. A second gunman yelled, “Shoot him. Just shoot him.” The first robber patted the victim down, taking his wallet and blue Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Both suspects left in the victim’s grey 2010 Honda Accord. They also took $350 from the victim’s account.

1900 block of Monroe Drive—On June 12, a woman reported she was carjacked by four men in a white Chevy Tracker as she was parking outside a parking deck. Two men armed with small black handguns exited the Chevy; one approached and demanded the woman’s vehicle while the other pressed a handgun to her ribs. One of the suspects took the woman’s gold 2005 Toyota Prius, while the other returned to the Chevy. An iPad mini, an iPhone 5S, an LG cellphone, a back pack full of clothing, $1000 in cash and a ring of keys also were taken. The suspects were last seen driving away in the woman’s Toyota, followed by the Chevy. Patrol units attempted to track the victim’s iPad.

Aggravated Assault

3300 block of Peachtree Road NE—On May 31, police responded to a shots fired call and discovered a man with a towel wrapped around his right leg. The victim was shot by a male acquaintance of a female he met on Instagram. The female called the victim after she came to the mall with the suspect, but she did not want to return home with him. The victim and suspect got into a verbal argument over the phone when they discussed arrangements to get the woman’s personal things from the suspect’s vehicle. The woman met the suspect on Instagram and he later flew her to Atlanta from California with arrangements for her to live with him. When she discovered that he already had a live-in girlfriend, she was not happy with the arrangements. Shell casings were found at the scene where two vehicles were damaged during the incident. A black 9-millimeter handgun was recovered inside the victim’s vehicle on the floorboard. A warrant was taken out and flagged after the victim picked the suspect out of a line-up.

4000 block of Paces Ferry Road—On June 9, a construction worker was punched in the face during an argument after telling someone that the entrance to the construction site was closed.

2300 block of Bolton Road—A woman was pumping gas when a man pulled a black/silver handgun from his waistband and pointed it at her. She ran inside the store. The gunman made no demands and did not say anything.

Residential Burglary

800 block of West Paces Ferry Road—Rear doors to a house were discovered damaged, possibly by a drill. The resident believes contractors damaged her doors; no items were taken.

1000 block of Seaboard Avenue—Clothing and seven bottles of wine belonging to the resident’s ex-boyfriend were taken from a house.

200 block of Colonial Homes Drive—A Victor Knox silver/gold watch, a sterling silver plate, a wooden humidor that contained several cigars, a Tumi briefcase that contained a silver Apple 64GB iPad, a silver Michael Kors watch, three silver rings, a gold medallion with “04/21/2011” inscribed on it, a gold and silver rosary, a black Canon Rebal T31 camera and a Lenovo ThinkPad were taken from an apartment.

First block of Peachtree Valley Road—A white Apple MacBook laptop, two HP touch laptops, a 3T camera, a pair of Beats by Dre headphones, assorted jewelry, 10 pairs of sunglasses, a make-up bag, a Guess purse and a Michael Kors purse were taken from an apartment where the resident had not been since April.

8200 block of Brookwood Valley Circle—The front-door deadbolt lock had been drilled after the lock was changed to secure the front door by management while the victim was out of town. Approximately $3 in change was taken.

3100 block of Alexander Circle—An Apple MacBook Air laptop, an Apple MacBook Pro, a Louis Vuitton never full bag, and $500 in currency were taken from an apartment.

4200 block of Alexander Circle—The front door to an apartment was pried or forced open and a safe with 10 $2 bills and change inside, a Dyson handheld vacuum, a jewelry box with multiple items, an iPad mini, a Cannon SD630 camera and an iPod Nano were taken; A second apartment resident reported stolen a Lenovo ThinkPad, a black Coach purse, two pairs of David Yurman earrings, a Gucci purse, two Michael Kors purses, a pair of black Prada sunglasses a Kindle and various heirloom earrings were taken from an apartment; a third apartment reported missing a Toshiba laptop, a Social Security card and various coins. A witness told police two men in a car tailgated him inside the gate when he arrived to the location.

3200 block of Alexander Circle—An Xbox, an Apple TV, a 32-inch flatscreen TV, a Samsung Galaxy 10 tablet and unknown amount of change was taken from an apartment.

400 block of Lindbergh Place—A safe that contained checkbooks, a Social Security card and a spare key was taken from the closet of a house.

400 block of Armour Drive—The victim’s brother lost the key to the apartment a few days prior. A Samsung 55-inch Curve TV, a Burberry shirt, a pair of Balman jeans, True Religion jeans, several pair of sneakers, a PlayStation 4, a Louis Vuitton Doctor bag, a Louis Vuitton keep all bag, a rose gold necklace, two pairs of Jimmy Choo pumps, two pairs of RS Louboutins shoes, a pink face Movado watch, a Tacori green and diamond drop earrings and a Tiffany silver bead bracelet were taken.

2000 block of Monroe Place—The resident arrived home and thought a person was inside holding the door knob closed because the latch continued to turn when he attempted to open it. Police forced open the door, but found no signs of anyone inside the location. No items were disturbed or taken.

Auto Theft

900 block of Peachtree Battle Circle—A 1994 Ford 2-door Econo Van was reported stolen from a construction site. The owner said he left the keys in the vehicle along with a wallet containing his driver’s license, green card, $230 in cash, a check worth about $1,800, two SunTrust Bank cards, a Bank Of America card, two SunTrust checkbooks, multiple power and hand tools worth approximately $1,000, and multiple pieces of fresh wood worth approximately $500.

2700 block of Defoors Ferry Road—A 2004 Jeep Liberty was reported stolen from an apartment complex parking lot. A woman heard loud noises and saw a man inside her vehicle and yelled at him. He got out of her car and entered the Jeep Liberty that belonged to the neighbor.

2100 block of Spink Street—A 1998 Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen from the driveway of a residence. The owner heard loud noises and observed a man in the passenger seat of his vehicle. He also saw a white or beige SUV running in front of his house. He tried to follow the suspects, but lost sight of them in the area of James Jackson Parkway and Browntown Road.

1500 block of Carroll Drive—A 2012 Ford F650 Coca Cola Delivery Truck was reported stolen from a parking lot. The truck contained several tools, straps, a Garmin GPS, signs, a Honda generator, lockers and other equipment.

1900 block of Main Street—An attempt to steal a silver 2002 Jeep Liberty from a residential driveway was reported when the owner discovered the right rear passenger window broken.

1500 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—A GMC Yukon was reported stolen from a trailer park parking lot. The driver left her vehicle running while she was inside the location. The suspect was seen entering the vehicle and driving off. An arrest has been made.

1700 block of Howell Mill Road—A green 1999 Infiniti I30 was reported stolen from a tire store parking lot. The owner dropped his vehicle off for service and asked them to leave the keys under the mat so he could pick up the vehicle.

2700 block of Noble Creek Drive—An attempt to steal a 2006 Jeep Liberty was reported when the owner discovered the rear glass window broken and steering column stripped; A 1996 Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen when the owner discovered glass on the ground and her vehicle missing.

1700 block of Ridgeway Ave—An attempt to steal a cream 2006 Jeep Liberty from a residential driveway was reported after the owner discovered the right rear passenger window broken.

3300 block of Peachtree Road–A 2006 BMW 530I was reported stolen from the parking lot at a mall; A 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee was reported stolen from a hotel. Valet work pulled the vehicle up and left the keys inside the vehicle. A young man was seen jumping into the vehicle and driving off. A second man was seen running toward the vehicle.

2900 block of Macaw Street—A 2002 Jeep Liberty was reported stolen after the owner discovered her vehicle missing from in front of her residence.

2000 block of Marietta Boulevard—A yellow 2004 Jeep Wrangler was reported stolen from the parking lot at an auto parts store. A Galaxy CB radio and a Voodoo 4×12 guitar cabinet were also taken.

3800 block of Roswell Road—A gray 2011 Volkswagen Jetta was reported stolen from a parking lot at a restaurant.

3500 block of Piedmont Road—A green 2012 Moped and black Kona Racing Bicycle were reported stolen from a condo parking deck.

3200 block of Peachtree Road—An attempt to steal a Silver 2005 Toyota Corolla was reported when the owner returned and discovered damage to the rear and that it had been moved between two parking spots.

900 block of East Paces Ferry Road—A red 2014 Toyota Camry was reported stolen from a parking lot at an apartment complex. A gate access card was also inside the vehicle. It was later determined the vehicle was towed from the location by apartment management for not having a decal displayed.

2100 block of Monroe Drive—A red 2012 Ford Mustang was reported stolen from the parking lot at a gas station, after the driver left the vehicle running as she entered the store. Upon exiting the store, she saw someone jump into her vehicle and drive off. A Verizon cellphone and a purse with wallet were also taken.


Between May 31 and June 6, a total of 37 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 32 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made. Between June 7 and 13, a total of 54 thefts from automobiles were reported and 38 additional larcenies were reported.

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