The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from June 6 through 11.
The following information was provided by the Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department and is presumed to be accurate.
None reported
Cedar Run—On June 6, a resident reported someone forced entry to his apartment sometime between 8 and 11 p.m. Nothing was reported missing, however his TV had been moved.
7000 block of Roswell Road—On June 6, someone said his apartment had been entered and several items of jewelry were missing.
5000 block of Lazarian Court—On June 6, someone cut the screen to the back porch of the home and entered. It appears the burglar did not make entry.
5500 block of Roswell Road—On June 7, a resident said his wife was loading up the car and left the door to the apartment slightly ajar. Someone entered and took an X-Box 360 game system. His juvenile neighbors said a new roommate had recently acquired a new X-Box 360. It was in his room, which was locked. The victim, speaking to the Hispanic juvenile, noted the boy spoke good English but when he questioned him about the theft, he suddenly couldn’t speak it anymore. The officers questioned the boy, who couldn’t remember which story he was going with, so he said he didn’t speak Spanish either, nor remember his birthday. Eventually, the cops were able to look into the apartment, but the X-Box was not located.
8300 block of Roswell Road—On June 9, a woman said that between 8:45 a.m. and 9 p.m. someone entered her apartment and took a Toshiba Laptop and two cellphones. It appears the burglar came in through a partially opened sliding glass door.
5600 block Roswell Road—On June 10, someone forced a bedroom window screen. Several items were stolen including a laptop and X-Box.

7800 block of Holcomb Bridge Road—On June 8, an iPad was left on the counter at a gas station. An hour or so later, the owner realized it and upon return, found that it had been stolen.
5500 block of Glenridge Drive—On June 9, a Moped was reported stolen.
6000 block of Wright Road—On June 10, a 44-year-old man reported his white 2012 Ford F-250 4×4 pickup truck was stolen.
1000 block of Johnson Ferry—On June 6, a tool bag and tools were reported stolen from an automobile.
6700 block of Powers Ferry Road—On June 7, a 9-millimeter gun, iPad Air, Surface Pro 3 were reported stolen from an automobile; a second theft from an automobile reported a Swiss Army Rolling Suitcase and miscellaneous papers stolen.
4900 block of Roswell Road—A Lenovo Yoga Laptop was stolen from an unlocked car.
5900 block Roswell Road—On June 10, a report was made of articles stolen from an automobile.
6000 block of Roswell Road—On June 6, a man reported that around 3 a.m., he was “minding his own business” at a nightclub and, while doing so, security personnel put a choke hold on him and dragged him out of the club and into the parking lot and struck him with a Taser device that gave him a rapid heart rate. He was checked by EMS and released. The officer’s report said he did not see any physical evidence of Taser prong strikes on the man’s chest. The security person was not on scene at the time of the report. The man left the location.
3200 block of River Exchange Drive—On June 10, police responded to an office building on a “person shot” call. They found a man shot in the chest, but alive and talking. He was taken to the hospital and will recover. The man who shot him was there and voluntarily spoke to the police. Short version is that the person shot and the man who shot him got into an argument and the person shot pulled a gun. The other man, upon seeing this, pulled his and fired, striking the man in the chest. The man who is in the hospital was charged with aggravated assault. Oddly enough, both men were armed at the time of the argument.
Other Things
A 27-year old woman reported that she had been dating a man and recently lent him her keys including her car keys. During an argument over the phone, the pair decided to break it off. Now she has not been able to get her keys returned.
We’re so nice when we’re in love but when that goes south, we use the other brain and realize our liabilities.
A 39-year-old man reported that he was contact by a woman he knew, who told him he owed her money for a “drug debt.” She told him she needed $140 now. He said he didn’t have it. She got mad and said “I gave my buddy your address and he’s on the way to see you. Now you have something to worry about. These people kill over stuff like this.”
A 53-year-old woman reported that someone used her personal information to rent an apartment in Texas in 2009. She found this when she ran her credit history.
IRS Scam
A man was contacted by someone claiming to be an IRS agent who told him he owed $2,800 and he needed to pay it today or be arrested. He followed the instructions to purchase a Money Gram Card and, after paying it, realized it was a scam. How many times have we gone through this?Repeat after me: The IRS doesn’t arrest you. The IRS doesn’t take Money Gram / Money Pak Cards.
A man called the police on June 9 reporting that he received a call from a Lt. Johnson from the Fulton Sheriff’s Department regarding a warrant. The lieutenant said a payment of $1,388 would take care of the arrest. He was prompted to obtain two MoneyGram cards, for $1,000 and $388, and give that info to the lieutenant, which he did. The money was immediately taken off the card. He went to the sheriff’s department and found that he had been duped by an imposter.
Ga. 400 at Glenridge Connector—On June 6, an arrest was made for DUI.
Roswell at Abernathy—On June 6, an arrest was made for DUI.
1000 block Pitts Road –On June 7, an arrest was made for DUI.
200 block of Northwood Drive—On June 6, an intoxicated man was observed by officers urinating in a public parking lot. The report said the man was facing the officers at the time. He was arrested. Alcohol was involved.
220 block of Sandy Springs Place—On June 7, a man reported his “old friend” hit him several time with iron chairs. He also kicked and punched him. The victim did have visible injuries. He was treated at the scene by EMS. He told the officers the friend had been arrested recently. The officer found the information on the previous arrest and a photo on the report management system and later found the subject at 6065 Roswell Road, sitting on a bench. He was arrested for aggravated assault.
300 block of Hammond Drive—On June 8, police were called to a hotel on a complaint of gunfire. They spoke to a guest who said he heard a loud boom and found a hole in the floor and subsequent damage to adjacent drywall and the bed’s headboard. The officers noted that it looked as if a projectile had been shot up into the floor. The officers went downstairs and talked to two men, who said they knew nothing of a discharged firearm. The officers, standing in the doorway, noticed damage on the ceiling consistent with a projectile. The two men were detained and a search warrant obtained for the room, which produced a rifle believed to have caused the misfire. The two morons were arrested.
An officer spotted a woman soliciting money on I- 285 at Glenridge Drive. She told him she was “residentially challenged” and wanted money for bus fare. She had been previously warned about panhandling, so she was cited and released.