To the editor:

For several decades, the citizens of Sandy Springs wanted to be rid of governmental control by Fulton County. It was promoted by responsible parties then that forming the city of Sandy Springs was in the best interests of the community.

In essence, the city would be the shining star with a responsive government, local control of issues and outsourced services that would be cost effective, especially when compared to the tired, old model of government that is draining public coffers with public service cutbacks the daily norm. That was then.

This is now: records have been broken at the number of zoning variances approved, the number of new apartments and developments already constructed, the number of mixed-use developments planned but not yet online, the massive State Farm complex, the planned Mercedes Benz complex at Abernathy Road, the imminent approval of Glenridge Highlands III, a high-rise office addition to North Park, the planned 50-story office building, along with a 5,000-car garage at Mount Vernon and Ga. 400, a 300-room hotel at Peachtree Dunwoody/Abernathy.

And, the recent approval of hundreds of apartments at Roswell Road/Hammond Drive, as well as hundreds of apartments at Roswell Road/Hildebrand with no concerns for traffic congestion.

Glenridge Drive has the largest undeveloped tracts of land in the city and that, too, will be all lost as a result of the new and improved government put into place in 2005. Whether office buildings, mixed-use developments, residential homes and apartments built with the highest densities, the city has broken all records for development. This is exactly what the citizens of Sandy Springs in 2005 did not want and still don’t want. If local control is not in the power of the citizens of the city, why did we vote for it?

The city and its representatives tell us that all will be fine because traffic will not be affected and that many workers will utilize MARTA, shuttles and bike paths instead of cars. This is truly hogwash. All the while, commuters from the surrounding areas choke the roads in Sandy Springs each day, with the added component of new local residents in the new developments using the old roads.

The city needs truly effective and bold leadership on these highly significant issues. Continuing with the same old way is not working. Tell the seven elected men in Sandy Springs that you are tired of this. Enough is enough.

–Rick & Lisa Shunnarah

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  1. Take out the phrase “Sandy Springs” and insert the word “Brookhaven.” You will then have the frame of mind expressed by several Brookhaven residents since the city was founded. We don’t “elect” our public servants as much as we “hire” them. Our votes buy their agreement to represent us in their crucial public functions. Employees should do what they were hired to do. And they should not be kept if they don’t.–Tom Reilly

  2. Take out the phrase “Sandy Springs” and substitute the word “Brookhaven”, and you’ll see the mindset of several people in the Brookhaven area as well. Too often our public officials forget that we don’t just “elect” them, we “HIRE” them. Hire them with our votes in exchange for their agreement to represent OUR interests in their official capacities. Our employees should do what we hire them to do. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be our employees for long.–Tom Reilly

  3. Don’t worry about traffic due to apartments the concern should be Crime .
    Why will they allow hundreds of apartments ?
    Do you have a shortage of drug dealers , users, burglars, armed robbers , etc.?
    Will these be “Section 8 ” ???

  4. Enough is Enough! I voted to become Sandy Springs. I voted to build a Civic Center for Sandy Spring government.

    I moved to Sandy Springs 20 years ago. To get in out of Belmont Trace/Johnson Ferry was a difficult task. The widening of Abernathy and a traffic light at Wright Road does not lessen the traffic coming into Sandy Springs Circle. The New Sandy Springs Civic Center Apartments will add more traffic to Sandy Springs Circle. In addition to the construction mentioned in your letter to the editor, let’s add the apartments under construction at Cliftwood/Allen Road, John Wieland Development at Lake Forrest/Allen Road/Sandy Springs Circle.

    The business that made Sandy Springs have been uprooted. Those that want to keep the business in Sandy Springs are faced with increased property rental rates.

    Today I reside on Carpenter Drive. A horse shoe street off Roswell Road/I 285. The traffic congestion is the same as Belmont Trace/Johnson Ferry. At the present and under construction (completed before the end of the year) will be an additional 800 homes/apartments and mixed use ALL WITHIN A 1/2 MILE RADIUS Roswell Road/I 285.

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