To the editor:

Members of the Mount Vernon Parc Homeowners Association are very concerned with the nature and scope of the proposed development on Glenridge Drive by Ashton Woods.

I, and other members of our association, have become involved now that we have learned that the “Mercedes” building project also presumes the addition of 1,200 residential units, approximately 33 percent of which would be apartments. This is along less than a mile of roadway that clearly was not built with this density in mind.

Glenridge Drive consists of a single lane in either direction. It already has significant congestion during the morning and evening hours, and the proposed addition of approximately 3,500 vehicles per cycle per day is such extreme overdevelopment that we are very upset. We are looking at needing a traffic light just to get out of our street and installing a gate to our community to keep the “turnaround” traffic out of our residential and private street.

The Mercedes aspect of the project, with its promised jobs, is being used as a pretext to substantially change the character and promise of Sandy Springs. We all “revolted” from Fulton County recently because we felt that the county did not have our interests in mind in their development projects. Development was approved based on income to the county, and not based on the taxes and expectations of the residents.

Roswell Road was case in point. Now, significant high-density development proposals are going up all around us, from an immense apartment development at Hammond and Peachtree Dunwoody to even more apartments in the development/planning stage on Roswell Road. Another 400 apartment units to the north of us is saturating the market.

Also consider that the apartments and townhomes going into the project are not dramatically different than the apartments in question. Without any restrictions as to leasing, we are not talking about 400 apartments where now there are none, but 400 apartments plus an unknown number of rentals. This is not the single-family residential use that it is zoned for and it is not consistent with the surrounding homes.

We would like to see a dramatic reduction in the density of the proposal and an elimination of the multifamily rental aspects of the project. This is not Midtown Atlanta. We welcome the Mercedes headquarters, but not the additional development packaged with it that has nothing to do with the Mercedes development.

Todd E. Hennings

Todd E. Hennings, Mount Vernon Parc Homeowners Association president