From police reports dated June 14 through 20
The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


3100 block of Peachtree Road—On June 20, people in a car parked behind a nightclub saw a red sedan with two men inside driving the wrong way. One of the men got out of the sedan, brandished a handgun and demanded the victims “drop everything.” The victims placed their items on the ground and began walking away; the suspect re-entered the sedan and drove off. One of the victims received an alert that a credit card had been used at a gas station on Piedmont Road. An off-duty officer saw the suspects pumping gas, but lost them in the traffic after they left the station. While police were attempting to locate the suspects, another robbery was reported at a gas station in the 1100 block of Chattahoochee Avenue. The suspects fit the same description. The victim reported she was sitting inside her vehicle, talking on the phone, as she pumped gas. A red car pulled behind her, a man got out, appeared at her door and placed a gun to her head. He demanded she get out of her black Mercedes C250 and leave her Apple iPhone. An arrest has been made.
2200 block of Peachtree Park Drive—On June 15, a man walking down Peachtree Park Drive was approached by two men who ran up behind him, put a silver handgun to his head and demanded his property. The victim placed his backpack, Apple iPhone and credit cards on the ground. The two men picked up the items and ran toward Peachtree Road.
2300 block of Peachtree Road—On June 16, a man was returning from a bank and parking in the rear of the location when a man with a T-shirt over his face got out of a black BMW sedan. He held a black, semi-automatic pistol and demanded the man hand over his bank bags. When the victim turned to run, the suspect threw him on the ground, put the gun to the back of his head and said “give me the bags.” The victim complied and gave the gunman $450.
2800 block of Piedmont Road—On June 19, a man who was walking on Piedmont Avenue was approached by three males. The first man said, “You know what time it is” as a second man struck the victim in his face with an object. The victim attempted to fight back, eventually causing the three suspects to run off without taking anything.
2600 block of Piedmont Road—On June 19, a man armed with a silver/chrome semi-auto handgun in his shorts pocket walked up to a business’s rear door as workers were making repairs at the location. The armed man took their cash, cellphones and credit cards.

Aggravated Assault

1400 block of Chattahoochee Boulevard—Witnesses saw four men attempting to break into a vehicle and yelled, “What are you doing?” The men ran to an older, white Ford Crown Victoria. When a witness attempted to get the tag, a suspect in the passenger seat pointed a black semi-auto pistol and then sped off.
1500 block of Chattahoochee Boulevard—A driver in a mobile home park overheard a car alarm, looked outside and saw two men picking the lock. When the suspects noticed the driver, they retreated to a white GMC Yukon and drove off. The driver attempted to follow the men in his vehicle. As he cornered them in, they started shooting. There was damage to both vehicles.
1400 block of Northside Drive—A man’s ex-boyfriend saw him talking with other men outside a nightclub and became upset., They started fighting. The ex threw a rock, but missed hitting his victim. When patrol units arrived, they noted the victim was bleeding from the chin and arms.
3200 block of Lenox Road—A woman and her boyfriend were engaged in an argument about money. She picked up a fork to defend herself when he tried to physically remove her from the residence. An arrest was made.
600 block of Morosgo Drive—A man was harassing a woman and approached her in an aggressive manner. When another man came to her aid, the suspect began making racial and homophobic slurs, picked up a bottle and attempted to hit them with it. Several witnesses corroborated the victims’ claims and an arrest was made.
2100 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—When patrol units arrived at an apartment, they overheard a woman screaming for help. They also heard the sound of a person being slapped. When they knocked on the door, the suspect stated, “We having an argument.” The woman again yelled for help. When police tried enter, the woman said the man ran out the back door and into the woods. The man became upset when the woman tried to go out for her birthday, and he held her hostage and poured bleach over her head and arms. Police noted several holes in the apartment walls, a broken bedroom door frame and signs of a struggle. The woman was taken to Northside Hospital.

Residential Burglary

500 block of West Paces Ferry Road—A burglary was reported at a vacant house, where plywood covering the door was kicked in. Several power tools and air compressors were taken.
2100 block of Claude Street—A house’s kitchen window was broken and a purse containing a driver’s license, Social Security Card, $350 and debit/credit cards was taken. Additional items reported stolen included paperwork, two 52-inch flat-screen TVs, a guitar, and an Excel 3200 SI pressure washer.
2400 block of Brantley Street–Approximately two feet of copper was reported missing from an air conditioning unit in the attic of a house. The front door, basement door, attic door and backdoor were left open.
700 block of Lindbergh Drive—An apartment resident heard banging and prying noises at her front door. There was damage to the door frame and pry marks present, but no entry was made.
2100 block of Piedmont Road—An LG 42-inch flat-screen TV, an Apple iPad, an Apple MacBook laptop, a set of Bomnora headphones and a bed sheet were reported missing from an apartment.
1100 block of Lavista Road—An apartment resident heard a knock at the door and saw a man standing in front of his door. When the victim went into his bedroom, he heard noises and saw two men running with his laptop. The door lock was damaged and an Apple MacBook Pro laptop, an iPad and a set of Beats by Dre headphones were taken.

Commercial Burglaries

1800 block of Marietta Boulevard—A large rock was thrown through a front window at a storage facility. An electronic signing pad was taken. The suspect attempted to take two flat-screen TVs.
900 block of Chattahoochee Avenue—Police were dispatched to an audible alarm call at a jewelry store and were told the front doors and fence were intact. They returned and discovered a hole cut in a fence and the rear exit door kicked open. Surveillance footage captured the suspects entering several rooms and removing a Smith & Wesson handgun, $100,000 worth of diamonds, $5,000 in Canadian money and a video monitor.
3400 block of Roswell Road—A register and safe were entered and money was taken from a church.
Auto Theft
2500 block of Ridgewood Road—A1991 Chevy C1500 Pick-up was reported missing from the driveway of a residence.
2000 block of Bolton Road—A 2015 Toyota Camry Parking was stolen from a gas station when the driver left the keys laying on the counter.
2000 block of Callaway Court—A 2002 Chrysler Town & Country was reported missing from the owner’s driveway.
2000 block of Hatteras Way—A 2007 Saturn Aurora was reported stolen when the owner discovered her garage partially closed and the vehicle missing. An Apple iPad Air, two Apple iPod Nanos, a red leather briefcase and several credit cards were also taken.
1000 block of Davis Circle—A 1988 Chevrolet C15 was reported missing from in front of the owner’s residence.
1800 block of Howell Mill Road—A 2012 Jeep Wrangler was reported stolen from a department store parking lot. The victim discovered the steering wheel column damaged.
2000 block of Howell Mill Road—A1999 Dodge Durango was reported missing from the parking lot of a restaurant. A K-Bar knife, lawn equipment, luggage and a Smith & Wesson Shield 9-millimeter pistol also were taken in the theft. A second auto theft was reported in the same parking lot when a 2004 Jeep Liberty was taken. The owner found broken glass on the ground.
1000 block of Peachtree Park Drive–A1989 Oldsmobile was reported stolen from the parking lot at the apartment complex where the owner lives.
400 block of Deering Road—The victim discovered his 1998 Dodge R150 missing from the street in front of his residence.
3300 block of Peachtree Road—A1995 GMC Yukon was reported stolen from a restaurant parking lot.
3500 block of Peachtree Road—A 2014 Chevy Traverse was reported stolen from the parking lot at Phipps Plaza.
2400 block of Camelia Lane—A 2015 Chevy Camaro was reported stolen from the parking lot of the apartment complex.
1900 block of Monroe Drive—An attempt to steal a black 1973 Ford Fairlane was reported in an apartment complex parking lot. The owner discovered her vehicle was entered and the ignition switch was damaged. Possibly as part of an ongoing dispute, which she would not discuss further.


Between June 14 and June 20, a total of 41 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 31 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.