Dunwoody’s police department has recently earned awards for its creativity and its dedication to being “the best of the best,” as Frank Rotondo said.

After announcing July 13 that the #WhyIWearTheBadge social media campaign won a Telly Award for the video below, Chief Billy Grogan presented to the mayor and city council Dunwoody’s state certification from the Georgia Chiefs of Police Association. Grogan said the Dunwoody Police Department went through a rigorous process to earn state certification from the Georgia Chiefs of Police Association.

Rotondo, who is the executive director of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, addressed Mayor Mike Davis to say that Dunwoody should be proud of its accomplishments.

Executive Director of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police Frank Rotondo presents state certification to Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis.

“Mr. Mayor, you’re city’s been a city about seven years and you’ve really accomplished an awful lot,” Rotondo said. “It’s one of the best police departments in the state of Georgia.”

Dunwoody is one of 118 police agencies to earn state certification, which is about 17 percent of the total existing agencies in Georgia that could try to get certified. Sandy Springs and Atlanta also earned state certification.
“All agencies are bestowed certification by virtue of having a police agency,” Rotondo said. But this is a “special program” that establishes the people’s trust in the police department.

This program started in theory in 1990 when the state looked at law enforcement departments and said ‘We’re in bad shape,’” Rotondo said. The task of creating policy to improve police got “scraped” until 1996, when the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police reworked the standards across five different editions.

Pictured left to right: Sgt. Andrew Fondas, Frank Rotondo- Executive Director of GACP,
Mayor Mike Davis, Chief Billy Grogan

Over the next three years, Dunwoody Police will have to file annual reports attesting to its continuing compliance and identify any instances of significant non-compliance. Grogan said standards cover eight critical areas essential to effective law enforcement and provide a blueprint for professional law enforcement to follow.

Rotondo presented the mayor and city council with a plaque signed by himself as well as the president of the Georgia Chiefs of Police Association, the chairman of the Joint Review Committee and the governor.

“Conspicuously, it is signed by Gov. Nathan Deal,” Rotondo said.

Grogan said Sgt. Andrew Fondas was designated as the Certification Manager and was given the task and responsibility of guiding the department through the process.

“This certification is validation that the high standards we hold our staff to are aligned with national best practices,” Grogan said. “Members of the Dunwoody Police Department have faithfully served Dunwoody for over six years and I hope this achievement will instill even greater public confidence in our agency and staff.”

More info can be found about the program at http://www.gachiefs.com/statecertification/index.htm

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  1. In 2009 we expelled the DeKalb Police, who had the Ga Assoc of Chiefs accrediation and the prestigious CALEA designation and finally 6 years later we are excited to get half of the accreditations back? Crime is up again this year!

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