A new group has been created to advocate for the creation of a city of LaVista Hills in north DeKalb County.

The LaVista Hills Alliance announced its formation July 14 and said it will coordinate volunteers to work for approval of the new city in a Nov. 3 referendum. The alliance is separate from LaVista Hills YES!, the organization that worked to win approval of the referendum in the state Legislature, the alliance said in press release.

“The LaVista Hills Alliance grassroots campaign to win approval for incorporation of LaVista Hills will complement LaVista Hills YES! That group is focusing on education and citizen task force groups studying services provided in a newly-incorporated city,” the press release said.

The LaVista Hills Alliance will identify neighborhood volunteers who will advocate among their neighbors for approval of the city, the press release said.

Liz Hanfelt, a 17-year county resident, will chair the alliance, the new organization said. Mary Kay Woodworth, a former co-chair of LaVista Hills YES!, will head fundraising efforts, the alliance said.

The alliance identified its board members as: Brad Bryant, former State School Superintendent and former DeKalb School Board chair; Kim Taylor-Cloud, a 30-year DeKalb resident who now lives in Oak Grove; Tim Oliver, a resident of Mason Mill Woods; and Wanda Walton, a behavioral scientist with the CDC and member of the North Briarcliff Civic Association.

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These areas are proposed to be included in a new DeKalb County city to be called LaVista Hills. Voters in the area will decide Nov. 3 whether to create the new city.

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