Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose
Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose

Sandy Springs police blotter: July 3-10

The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from July 3-10.
The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and the information is presumed to be accurate.


Nothing to report


4000 block of Mount Paran Parkway—Denard O. Bell was charged with the July 6 burglary of a home. Bell and an accomplice still being sought burglarized a home they thought was empty, but in fact was occupied by several workers.
Bell, wearing a yellow vest (as if to be a meter reader, I guess) was also out of gas in the two-door Ford Explorer getaway car. Bell mistakenly found and stole diesel gas, which he poured into the gas tank of the getaway car, rendering it completely useless. As Bell (and moron number two) sat trying in vain to start said getaway car, the workers converged on them, one with video on his phone. Bell and M2 fled on foot. Bell was arrested earlier this week by detectives.
2900 block of Spring Creek Lane—On July 6, someone forced entry to an apartment sometime between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. A 42-inch television was stolen.
700 block of Windsor Parkway—On July 8, someone entered a home through an unlocked window and took several items including a laptop and jewelry.
8600 block of Roberts Drive—On July 9, a resident said someone entered the apartment by forcing a front door. They took a PS3 game system and a Visio sound system.


8300 block of Roswell Road—On July 4, a black 2015 Toyota Camry was reported stolen. Police determined the car was not repossessed.
Royal Cigar and Tobacco reported a shoplifting of a $140 Hookah Pipe. The employee saw and then chased the man but was unable to catch him.
Summit Springs Drive –A 20-year-old woman said two watches that she had ordered on were stolen from her mailbox.
Spruce Bluff Drive –On July 6, a leaf blower was stolen from the back of a truck.
1100 block of Crest Valley Road—On July 6, someone forced the lock on a Pod storage container and took several personal items from the container including four bikes.
Spring Creek Drive –A man reported on July 7 that he met a man on Craigslist and invited the man over. After the visit, the victim noticed his iPad mini missing. The man’s name was not known by the victim (getting the picture?) , who described him as a 200-pound, 5-foot-11-inch man who drove a 2007 cream colored GMC Yukon. Don’t rely on this stuff in your personal life. It’s dangerous.
A woman reported that she was at an athletic club on July 4 and mistakenly left an iPad mini on the bench in the women’s locker room. She returned and discovered it was gone. The GPS showed the item was at 5885 Glenridge Drive as of the 8th.
Trowgate Lane—On July 9, a 68-year-old woman reported someone stole a package containing a clothing item that was delivered to her mailbox. She noted that she received no mail for two days so she believes that they may have taken other mail as well.
300 block of Hammond Drive—On July 9, the manager of the Hammond Glen Community said one of his employees had his wallet stolen from his employee locker. They reviewed video showing another employee going into the victim’s locker, taking the wallet and leaving. Another employee later found the wallet in a restroom. The suspect is known and will be fired and arrested, not necessarily in that order.


400 block of Morgan Falls Road—On July 5, a man reported that around 8:15 p.m. his girlfriend assaulted him by throwing a candle at him and then came at him with a pair of scissors. This apparently started when she found out the city-sponsored fireworks show was in the area of the Concourse / Hammond Drive, rather than Morgan Falls area.
Powers Ferry Road –A woman reported her former girlfriend beat her up in a fast food restroom and took her phone, ID card, credit card and $130 cash just before 7 p.m. on July 6.

Other Things

North River Drive –Around 3 a.m., cops were called about a man walking in the middle of the road. The man told them it was safer than walking on the sidewalk because if on the sidewalk, wild animals could attack him. Alcohol and/or drugs were involved.
5000 block of Clair Rose Lane—On July 6, police were dispatched to a residence regarding the following: The resident said he was watching TV in the late evening when he saw two people in his backyard. They appeared to be juveniles. They saw him and fled, getting into a 1998 Toyota 4Runner and drove off. The men had opened two gates to get into the back yard. Although nothing was stolen, the two suspects were up to something.


1100 Hammond Drive—On July 6, bank investigators reported that a man set up an account and then deposited a fake check into the account and then withdrew $9,897 before the bank could determine the check to be fraudulent. The car was traced to a rental in Florida and the information on the car’s renter and the bank photos appear to match.
A 27-year-old woman reported someone accessed her Gmail account and accessed money accounts, withdrawing more than $2,700. It appears they accessed the account and reset the passwords.


6000 block of Roswell Road—On July 4, around midnight, an officer responded to Taboo 2 nightclub about a disorderly woman. The woman was in the parking lot, intoxicated and angry about someone having her purse in their car. The officer spoke with her, but she was clearly irrational, telling the officer she was in the Army and demanding that he call her General. She refused to tell him her name so after a few minutes of mindless conversation, it was clear she was disorderly and drunk. She was arrested.
6100 block of Roswell Road—On July 4, a woman called the police and identified herself as a “working girl” who was invited to a room at the Hilton and those whom invited her there did not like what they saw and refused to pay her. The man said they met and he invited her to his room to “hang out” and, for that, she demanded $160, which I guess is the union standard for “hanging out.” She further told the officer that if not paid, she at least wanted the $40 for the cab fare. Turns out the dispute took a strange turn due to the outstanding warrant on her behalf from Forest Park Police Department on a probation violation. She was arrested for that. The male in the room was advised to find other jurisdictions to “hang out” with women who wanted to charge for it. Don’t hang out.
6400 block of Roswell Road—On July 5, police responded to Roswell and Vernon Woods around 2:30 a.m. about a man refusing to pay cab fare. The drunk suspect cursed the driver who, after picking up and dropping him, refused to take him to get the money. The man hit the cab with a rock. They found the man after a 911 call on a man throwing rocks. He was arrested.
A 911 call at 5:30 a.m. sent officers to an apartment complex looking for a shirtless man who was peering into and trying to open car doors. They found the man in the apartment playground area. He tried to run. Drunks don’t run well. The man, who appeared hammered, said he had two beers. He was arrested. Incidentally, he was on an earlier short list of burglary suspects in that complex.
A man walked into the QT Store on Dunwoody Place, leaving his bicycle outside. Someone took it. The man came outside and saw three men, one of whom had the bike. Argument and tug-of-war ensued, punches were thrown and swelling of the eye was sustained. The owner said the bike had been given to him by his boss who, on the phone, confirmed and identified the bike. The guy who stole it was arrested.
6500 block of Roswell Road—On July 4, just before 10 p.m., officers met with a taxi driver and an intoxicated, angry man. The cabbie said she was called to a location in Roswell, by Roswell police, to take the man to a location near Roswell Road and I-285. The cabbie and the man agreed on a $20 fare. They got to the 6500 block of Roswell Road when the man became agitated and argumentative, accusing the taxi driver of working with the Roswell police because she had a radio and microphone similar to those in police cars. He refused to pay and got out. SSPD officers arrived and the man agreed to pay with a card, but it was declined. He was later arrested.