DeKalb County’s government is “rotten to the core,” investigators hired by Interim DeKalb CEO Lee May reported in a letter today previewing their upcoming full report, is reporting.

Investigators Mike Bowers, the former state attorney general, and Richard Hyde wrote that they found widespread waste and fraud. An apparent “bribery scheme involving a major county department” is among the biggest allegations. They also report finding taxpayer money spent on everything from an employee’s Bahamas cruise to liquor and peanut-butter-filled pretzels.

“The DeKalb County government we have found is rotten to the core,” Bowers and Hyde wrote. “The misconduct starts at the top and has infected nearly every department we have looked at.”

They also allege obstruction of their investigation by government officials.

The investigators did not name names yet and said they “still have a good way to go” before releasing a final report. Lee hired the investigators earlier this year in the wake of several county government corruption scandals.

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–John Ruch

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