To the editor:

I want to thank the man who went out of his way to help me on July 5 as I was getting gas at the Brookhaven Costco.
I had locked my car (with everything in it) and taken only my battery operated car key and my credit card. When I tried to get back into my car, the key battery had died and the spare key tucked into the remote would not work.
A wonderful young man who was pumping gas next to me tried to help. He tried to get the emergency key to work and he tried to see if the battery from his own remote would work in mine. When those ideas were not successful, he went off on an hour-long search to find a battery for me, finally finding one in the watch department of Walmart.
He returned an hour later, put the new battery in my remote and made sure everything worked again. He would not take a dime for the battery, for his Sunday morning time, not for anything.
And did I mention that all this time he had his young daughter with him? I told him that he should tell her the story of the Good Samaritan and that he had indeed been one for me.
Thank you, Mark, who lives near Dresden.
If you are friends with this wonderful man, please share my letter with him. I didn’t catch his last name but it began with an “S”. So, thank you, Mark S., for being my angel of mercy.

Barbara Berryman