From police reports dated July 26 – Aug. 1
The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.
1800 block of Howell Mill Road—Four men returned to a gas station after two of them previously had entered to pay for gas. The suspects entered the location on foot from a parking lot on Beck Street. The first man brandished a handgun and held an employee at gunpoint while a second man entered the cashier’s cage and took money. After retrieving the handgun from the first man, a third man ran to the rear of the store where he encountered another victim near a cooler. The fourth man remained at the front doors to the business with his face concealed, not allowing anyone to enter or exit the store. After obtaining cellphones, $23 in cash from a worker and approximately $1,000 in cash from the register, the four men fled on foot, northbound toward Beck Street and then westbound out of the eye of cameras.

600 block of Lindbergh Drive—While a man was walking, a black Toyota Camry pulled beside him. Two men got out. The first man flashed a black handgun in his waistband while the second grabbed the victim’s Metro PCS flip phone and the keys to his 2010 Audi. The suspects ran back to the suspects’ vehicle and were driven away by an unknown male. The man said he waited 30 minutes to report the robbery because he was afraid.

2200 block of Faulkner Road—A man armed with a black handgun ran up to a woman outside a gym and demanded money as she walked across a parking lot to enter a building. As she was surrendering her backpack, a second man armed with a handgun also ran up to her. She was able to run to the building. Witnesses reported seeing a light-colored sedan in the parking lot, possibly occupied by another suspect. The suspects took items from a Honda Accord before robbing the woman.

Aggravated Assault
3200 block of Roswell Road—Two men started arguing after one pulled the other’s girlfriend’s hair. One of the two began choking the other. The man being choked then struck his attacker with a glass bottle. The man hit with the bottle sustained visible cuts to his forehead and was taken to a hospital for further treatment. The patrol officer noted one man was highly intoxicated and neither party wanted to prosecute. Several witnesses corroborated the accounts that the man who was struck with the bottle started it.

3300 block of Peachtree Road—A man became upset with employees and patrons of a bar and they attempted to calm him down. Witnesses said he pulled a handgun from his waistband and began randomly pointing it at patrons and staff. When police arrived, he attempted to hide near a planter. He later was arrested near the valet service. A handgun was recovered from his rear waistband and he was arrested.

4000 block of Haverhill Drive—A man walking toward his parked car saw another man squatting between the vehicle and a neighboring one. Thinking the crouched man needed help, the car owner walked over. The crouching man stood, took out a small pistol and struck the car owner in the forehead. The car owner grabbed his attacker’s arm and was able to twist it until it made a cracking noise. The man with a gun broke free and ran off on foot.

Residential Burglary
2000 block of La Dawn Lane—A garage door was left open and a Craftsman Fast Guide lawn tool and a Craftsman weed eater were taken. A neighbor reported seeing a man in a maroon or red Ford Windstar Van speed out of the victim’s driveway.
1800 block of Northside Drive—A house’s front door knob was damaged and a rear door was pried open. An office safe that contained $7,000, two necklaces, a Gucci watch, a Movado watch, a men’s bracelet, a 48-inch RCA flat-screen TV and a PlayStation 4 were taken.
100 block of 26th Street—An apartment was robbed after a dead-bolt door lock was pried open. A pillow case, a wooden jewelry box that contained miscellaneous jewelry and an Apple iPad mini were taken.
1700 block of Northside Drive—An office safe with important documents, an Apple MacBook computer with charger and a black backpack were taken from an apartment. Several other items were moved around inside the residence.
4000 block of Club Drive—A garage door was discovered open and several boxes of ceramic tiles, two Black and Decker drills and two six-gallon buckets of paint were taken from a house that was under construction.
900 block of Paces Ferry Road—An Apple MacBook laptop and jewelry were taken from an apartment.
900 block of Northrope Drive—An Apple MacBook Pro desktop computer, an Apple monitor and various pieces of jewelry on a stand were taken.
1800 block of Wildwood Place—A neighbor, hearing noises near her home, looked out a window and saw someone entering her neighbor’s window. When the first police officer arrived, he saw the suspect inside the residence moving items and looking around. When a second officer approached, the suspect was alerted and fled the residence, jumping a fence. A shoe, a sock and a book bag were recovered. Police spotted the suspect walking nearby and arrested him after a brief chase.

Commercial Burglaries

1800 block of Hollywood Road—A security officer at a construction site, who was completing rounds, noticed a rear sliding glass door open and three men inside. The suspects ran, dropping a pair of bolt cutters as they fled.
2000 block of Defoor Avenue—A Stihl hand blower, trimmer, electric trimmer and Sear push lawnmower were taken from a storage barn.
3200 block of Roswell Road—A glass door was broken and an antique clock and digital camera were taken.
2400 block of Piedmont Road—An alarm was discovered deactivated at a business. It had been left in a sink with water running. Approximately $37,106 was taken from the office safe and $250 was taken from each of the registers.
1700 block of Cheshire Bridge Road—Surveillance footage captured a suspect entering a restaurant through the rear patio door. Two bottles of alcohol were taken.

Auto Theft
Between July 26 and Aug. 1, a total of 11 vehicles were reported stolen.
Between July 26 and Aug. 1, a total of 53 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 31 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made.