Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams.
Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams.

An apartment development proposed for Old Johnson Ferry Road is sparking a Brookhaven-Sandy Springs border war.

Brookhaven Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams says she’ll appear at an Aug. 20 Sandy Springs Planning Commission meeting to ask for a delay to allow Brookhaven to weigh in on the project.

“As mayor, I intend to let Sandy Springs know that we, the next-door neighbors, are very concerned about the additional traffic, density and design of the development,” Williams wrote in an email blast to constituents today.

Sharon Kraun, a spokeswoman for the city of Sandy Springs, declined to comment, citing the project’s pending zoning approval.

The proposal reportedly calls for 305 apartments and 10,000 square feet of medical offices along the Old Johnson Ferry roundabout in Sandy Springs on the Brookhaven border. Kraun said the developer is North American Properties.

“What upsets me the most is that we in Brookhaven only recently were informed of this project, and even the Sandy Springs planning staff report ignores the fact that Brookhaven residents are the closest neighbors to the project,” Williams wrote. “My neighbors on Byrnwyck Road will literally look out on this five-story apartment project.”

Williams wrote that she and Brookhaven Councilwoman Linley Jones were slated to meet with Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul on Aug. 17 to discuss the issue. Williams and Jones also plan to call for a deferral at the Aug. 20 Planning Commission meeting, she wrote.

3 replies on “Brookhaven mayor protests Sandy Springs apartments”

  1. Ashford Green on Ashford Dunwoody Road, this Sandy Springs development on Johnson Ferry Road–do something similar on Peachtree Dunwoody Road, all of them at their respective I-285 intersections, and “the grits will hit the fan” in a matter of months!!–Tom Reilly

  2. I’d like to use this opportunity to showcase the need for a neighborhood planning unit (as in Atlanta) or a Community Council (as in DeKalb County) for developers to go before prior to meeting with the zoning board, when planning projects or rezoning that affects those neighborhoods.

    Many of us in Brookhaven have tried for over 2 years to have a voice in what happens “next door” only to be told we’re standing in the way of progress. Unless you’re the one dealing with the disruption, traffic, loss of privacy, higher density, clear cutting of trees, it all sounds like a great plan!

    All we want is a voice, and not to be told to keep quiet, the ZBA knows what’s best..

    From Mr. Toro’s response, it sounds like that process took place, and that the developers had some sensitivity toward the homeowners.

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this topic?

  3. Sandy Springs has become the haven for apartment developers. The developers know that they can ask for the moon and eventually end up with eventual numbers that make the developers happy. The problem is that the process is broken and the chickens have come home to roost. I’m not sure that the government truly understands what they are doing to our community. Reelection is soon to come. Competence in doing the right thing is needed.

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