Dunwoody City Council took one more step forward in its Comprehensive Master Plan update when it sent the most recent draft to state officials Aug. 18.

Changes were made to the plan after a City Council vote Aug. 10 to remove the North Peachtree character area.

“The key is not sending a known flawed document to DCA right now,” Mayor Mike Davis said.

Councilman John Heneghan said he didn’t see a need to include in the plan the character areas of North Peachtree and Winters Chapel. The North Peachtree area has a large apartment complex that would be redeveloped someday, but with the rest being schools and single-family homes, Heneghan said he didn’t think North Peachtree should be considered its own character area in the Comprehensive Master Plan.

“I’m not sure that amount of space and current use is enough to have a planned area of the city,” Heneghan said about North Peachtree’s character area. “I would rather it just be currently stay as single-family residential. It’s not enough to carve out that section and the same goes for Winters Chapel.”

He added that he thinks it’s a mistake to re-codify this section of the city because he doesn’t agree with making large sections of North Peachtree Road available for future office use where many homes are.

Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch said the character areas in the plan say to residents that the city is actively looking to make changes to those parts of the city.

“We’ve never had a public meeting discussing North Peachtree,” she said. “The fact that it’s in here is disingenuous.”
City Manager Eric Linton said it would be better to add a character area into the plan after sending the draft to the state than to remove one later.

Dunwoody sent its Comprehensive Master Plan to the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Department of Community Affairs, but will continue discussing and updating the plan before a final vote to adopt the plan in October.

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