A man found last week in the pool at Marquis Villa Apartments committed suicide by asphyxiation, the DeKalb County Medical Examiner’s Office said.

Todd Andries, 49, of Brookhaven, was discovered Aug. 21, when police arrived at 3446 Buford Highway.

Major Brandon Gurley, a spokesman for Brookhaven Police, said officers on the scene found Andries’ body submerged, attached to a chair that had come from the furniture located at the swimming pool.

“Both feet were bound together and attached to the chair using duct tape,” Gurley wrote in a press release. “The left wrist was bound to the left arm of the chair also using duct tape. The right hand and arm was free. Duct tape had been used to cover his face, mouth, and nose area from ear to ear. A black plastic bag was used to cover the head but was not tied or attached in any way.”
Detectives learned Andries had a history of depression. A piece of paper containing the man’s name and information was found at the pool along with the duct tape used to bind the body to the chair. Detectives confirmed that there were no signs of a struggle or foul play at the scene.