William Mulcahy
William Mulcahy

Brookhaven City Council will pick three specific departments for its auditor to investigate.

The possible picks largely revolve around how the city spends and accounts for funds, as well as a review of the municipal court.

William Mulcahy was hired as the city’s auditor in March, and his current auditing work is routine, according to city spokeswoman Ann Marie Quill. The city’s charter requires the hiring of an auditor.

Mulcahy told the council that in recent months, council members and city staff had suggested 24 areas for him to audit. He declined to name them all, though he added, “There’s nothing in here that’s crisis material.”

Mulcahy said he whittled the concerns down to a “top-five” list and asked the council to choose three of them. That is all he can handle at one time, the city later said.

One item is “better documentation” on expenditures under $50,000. “That looks like it deserves some attention,” he said.
Travel and expense reimbursements, and the use of city purchasing cards is another area. Mulcahy said he has seen “double payments or late payments” in the current system.

Another item is ensuring the municipal court is in compliance with new laws, including recent reform of the misdemeanor probation system.

Other potential audit areas are how the city is spending, or not spending, the hotel/motel taxes and permit fees.

The council will select the three areas to receive full audits after Mulcahy formally submits his top-five list in writing, which has yet to happen, Quill said.

Mulcahy is being paid $17,000 a year to produce quarterly audit reports, according to the city.