Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose
Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose

Sandy Springs police blotter: Aug. 1-14
The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from Aug. 1-14.
The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and the information is presumed to be accurate.


500 block of Northridge Road—On Aug. 1, a man said he was on the stairs in front of his apartment building around noon when he was approached by four men, one of whom pulled a gun and said “What’s this about you [expletive deleted] with my baby mama?” The four entered a car and then left. The man said he was having issues with his girlfriend (AKA baby mama) and she hinted around to him that the father (AKA baby daddy, I assume) would be over to see him. The identity of the man who pulled the gun (baby daddy) is known and warrants are currently out on him. He is being sought at this time.


600 block of River Chase Point—On Aug. 2, someone entered a home through a basement window that was forced open. Several items were taken from the basement as well as items from a car.
100 block of Trail Point—On Aug. 2, a resident returned from out of town and found that someone had entered the home and had taken several pieces of jewelry and cash.
4600 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 3, employees of a painting company reported that spray-painting machine was stolen as were a couple of 100-foot extension electrical cords. The items were taken from a storage area.
8300 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 12, a woman said she suspected her ex-boyfriend of coming into her home while she was gone and taking her hat, shoes, mirror, soap and, worst of all, toilet paper.
Toilet paper? Are we not human?
1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On Aug. 13, someone threw a rock into the glass window of the Stein Mart at 3 a.m., trying to take Michael Kors purses on a display rack. They grabbed the purses, but they were wired together attached to the display so they grabbed clothing and left.
Parkgate Drive—On Aug. 13, a woman returned home and found an open back window, an unlocked front door and her apartment had been ransacked. She reported two laptops and a gold watch missing.
6000 block of Aberdeen Drive—On Aug. 13, a resident reported a Roto-Tiller was stolen from his carport.
5500 block of Glenridge Drive—On Aug. 13, a resident said that, while he was at work, someone forced open the front door, came into his apartment and took several guns.
Morgan Falls Road—A woman left her apartment from 12:45 to 2 p.m. She returned home and found it unlocked and $500 missing from her dresser drawer. She said a few weeks prior, she had $300 taken from that same drawer.
Okay, I hate to see people lose good money and we all hate those bottom feeders who take it but I gotta say if you had $300 taken from your dresser drawer, why did you put more money in the same place??!!
8000 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 3, a .380-calibre Beretta pistol was stolen from the Sandy Springs Gun Club. The suspects left in a blue Audi A4. An arrest was later made.
8600 block of Roberts Drive—On Aug. 3, a man reported lawn equipment had been stolen from his parked trailer. Those items include a Honda push mower, a Kawasaki push mower and a Stihl weed eater.
1100 block of Hammond Drive—On Aug. 4, employees of Einstein Brothers Bagels reported that an employee took $560 from the drive-through register. Video showed the employee removing the cash and placing it in his pocket. Warrants are pending.
8330 block of Roswell Road—A woman reported she cashed a check at the Best Bank and later used a $100 bill to pay a restaurant bill, where she was told the bill was counterfeit. She returned to the bank and they took it, swapped it for a good one, and said they would investigate.
1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On Aug. 6, a woman reported that she left her wallet at a fast food restaurant and, on return, discovered it gone. Later, three debit card transactions were found on the card.
300 block of Winding River Drive—On Aug. 8, a patrol officer spotted a car parked behind a building in an area where frequent criminal activity occurs. The car, a Nissan Rogue, was occupied. He ran the tag, which came back as a stolen Ford Expedition from Atlanta, taken on July 25. At that time, the car started up and drove out of the complex to Roswell Road. The officer followed and when the officer hit the blue lights, the car drove faster, heading north on Roswell Road. The driver headed across the river, into historical, fashionable and upscale Roswell. They car turned right onto Oxbo Drive and some other streets, where pursuing officers lost sight of the car. They found the car wrecked and abandoned on Grove Way and Myrtle Street. In the car, they found some Corona beer, Sky Peach Vodka, just under three grams of crack cocaine, and an L.A. Lakers hat. The Nissan was not listed as stolen and is registered to a Nissan dealer in Morrow, Ga. The suspect is at large.
6600 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 8, a woman reported her yellow Apple iPhone 5C stolen from the Hair Town Beauty Store. She left it on the counter and departed, then returned when she remembered where she left it. The phone was gone. The phone’s GPS showed it on Cherry Tree Lane. The resident there said she had no knowledge of the phone.
5600 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 10, two air conditioning units were taken from the Mosaic Apartments.
7800 block of Jett Ferry Road—On Aug. 10, a man was doing yard work and reported a Stihl Weed eater, backpack blower, edger and a trimmer stolen from his work trailer.
5590 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 10, a man said he placed his phone in his unlocked locker while he showered. He returned and discovered the phone had been stolen.
700 block of Johnson Ferry Road—On Aug. 13, a company representative reported that someone stole an AT&T modem/server, valued between $5,000 and $10,000, from the business that is going through a renovation. She said a moving company was doing work inside the business. She added that the surveillance “mysteriously” stopped working.
800 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On Aug. 13, a man reported he and other workers were doing construction at the Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School’s addition when they noticed a man wearing a hard hat and vest. This was suspicious because the crew was not required to wear hard hats on this site for the past few weeks. They watched the guy go into one of the trucks and took out a hammer drill and put it in his back seat. They then approached him and more or less cornered him. The man took the hammer drill, gave it back to the construction workers, got into the car described as a Lexus, and then left. They reported the tag number and the attempted theft is under investigation.
100 block of North Mill Drive—On Aug. 13, a man said someone stole two bikes, a from a storage room attached to his home. The room is on the second floor of the home so the access had to be made from the back screened-in porch. The value of the bikes was more than $2,300.


6000 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 3, a man said he left a nightclub around 3:22 a.m. after drinking at the bar. He left and, while walking in the parking lot to his car, he was confronted by another man who said the victim owed him money for drinks that he consumed at the bar. The man asking for money punched the man walking. Three to four more people joined in punching the man before driving off in a Toyota Corolla. The man declined medical attention at the scene.

4700 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 9, a pizza delivery man said a brick was thrown through his window and someone shot at his car around 2:30 p.m., while he was at the Park 225 apartments. He said he delivered a pizza and two men were sitting on the stairs in front of the apartment. One man said something to him about brushing by him. The delivery man said they shouldn’t be sitting on the stairs then. The man got in his car and said he then heard a sound like a firecracker. He saw the same two, one of whom threw a brick into his windshield, then ran.

Other Things

Natchez Trace –On Aug. 1, police were called around 3 a.m., by a man who said he was hit in the head by a hammer. He then hung up. When police got there, the man said the entertainment center fell, hitting him in the head. The others in the apartment, as well as the man who was injured were extremely uncooperative. The injured man was limping and sweating, saying he hit his leg on the railing. He eventually asked for an ambulance. He, nor the others, would provide any information close to the truth, so the officers left.

A woman reported that she has been receiving a number of calls around 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., but the caller either hung up or didn’t say anything. On one call, the caller asked if the person was Rachael. She found that the calls were coming from Fulton County Jail.

A woman reported that her neighbor confronted her regarding his opinion that she was not keeping a drainage passage, between the two yards, clean of debris. He then went back inside the home. Later that evening while she stood in her driveway, he came back out and called her “white trash” and “slut” and told her that he wished she was in the Army 30 years ago “because you wouldn’t be around now.” She thinks all this was in response to putting up a wooden fence.

A woman reported that she returned a phone call to someone who said he was with the IRS and his name was “Agent Banks.” He said he had a warrant for her and needed her personal information which she gave him before realizing it was a scam.

A man on Roberts Drive said he’s receiving threats from a former friend, who said he has a license to kill and will show up to kill his former friend.

A man reported that someone set up an Instagram account in his name using his personal information including phone, home address and real name. The profile says he’s looking for a partner, and is requesting potential partners to contact him.


5800 block of Roswell Road—Officers arrested two people for panhandling just after 2 a.m. One of them was wanted on a couple of warrants from Floyd County.

9400 block of Roberts Drive –Two people were arrested just after midnight after cops responded to a disturbance. Here are the highlights: Argument between fiancé and fiancé. Female threw things. Male pushed her down into the bathtub. She came out of the tub and threw more things, including a beer bottle that connected, causing minor bleeding and swelling of the nose of the male. The pair have been living together for two months and engaged for two years. Both were arrested.

300 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On Aug. 3, around 11 a.m. cops were called to the library regarding a man creating a disturbance. Apparently, he was too loud and was asked by the staff to tone it down. He became loud and verbally abusive to the staff. The officers approached him and he continued to create a disturbance, using profane language. He was arrested.

2300 block of Summit Springs Drive –Cops met a man who wanted to retrieve property from an apartment. They checked the ID of the man and found that he was wanted in Delaware by the Delaware State Police on two counts of fraud and one of burglary. He never got what he wanted from the apartment.
Okay I’m wanted on three felony warrants. Let me see, I’ll call the police to help me get my stuff back. Uh, sounds good.

7300 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 3, a man stole a pair of sunglasses and men’s socks. He actually took the items around asking customers to pay for them, and then walked out of the store. When the cops arrived, he was wearing the socks. He told the officers he was Jesus Christ of Bethlehem (as opposed to Jesus Christ of Smyrna, I guess) and then he said his name was Colonel Austin Lee Magors (Majors?) and finally, the real name, verified by a Social Security number. The employee requested the sunglasses back, but said he could keep the socks. He was arrested.