Reporter Newspapers staff asked residents in Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs:

There’s a proposal to legalize casino gambling in Georgia. Would you support or oppose a casino opening somewhere in metro Atlanta?

“I know in Florida a lot of the proceeds go toward education, so if there was some benefit to it I would be in favor of it.” –Amy Small
“I think it would bring money and entertainment to the city — as long as there’s not a ton of casinos.” –Sam Carlile, with son Nash
“I would probably vote to allow it to increase jobs, boost the economy and increase funds for the HOPE scholarship. I would also be concerned about the riffraff it might bring in, but I’m not as concerned about that because it’s not in my neighborhood.” –Meg Sessions
“I would probably support it. Additional tax revenue would presumably reduce the tax burden on the citizens and retard future tax growth.” –David Gildernew
“My personal opinion [is] if they could control the crime elements, it could be positive, bring a lot of income [to the area]…” –Calvon Moore, with granddaughter Kara Croon
“I would support it —more revenue for the state to help fund programs. The lottery funds the HOPE scholarship. Maybe casino gambling can do the same.” –Ravi Patel
“I think there’s nothing wrong in having a casino in Georgia.” –Neel Bandreddy
“I would have to look at the pros and cons and see what is done in other states…I could go either way. I know it’s a cliché, but the devil’s in the details.” –Jerry Adams, with daughter Lilla Grace Adams
“I would have mixed emotions. I would want to see more statistics on comparable cities that have legalized gambling in terms of crime rates and gambling addictions. And I would also have concerns about poorer families statistically spending more of their income gambling.” –Louis Hempel
“I would be highly in favor of it. I’d be excited about it. I love to go to the casino. I love to go eat and I love to go gamble.” –Kimani King
“Opposed. Because I like going on vacations to do my gambling.” –Josh Betts
“I really don’t have a strong opinion either way. I wouldn’t support it or be against it. If people want to gamble, I don’t care. I don’t consider myself a big supporter of gambling, but I don’t think the government has the right to tell people they can’t do it since the state currently operates the only legal gambling in the state with the lottery.” –Bill Selvey
“Right now I do not have a stance on legalizing gambling in Atlanta. However, I do believe that many of the pros and cons balance each other out. For instance, the increase in tourism may attract a different crowd into the city, but on the other end it would bring in a lot of revenue. The revenue would then be put towards the HOPE scholarship, which would allow for more students to be awarded financial aid.” –Anne Claire Pittman

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