Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose
Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose

The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from Aug. 15-27.
The following information was provided by Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and the information is presumed to be accurate.

4800 block Roswell Road—On Aug. 16, a man reported a robbery around 10:30 p.m. He said he was in the laundry room of his apartment complex when another man came in and threw an egg at him, missing him but hitting the wall behind him. Seconds later, a second man came in and pulled a gun. He took an iPhone from the man in the laundry room and demanded the password, but ran off when the man refused to give his password.

1500 block of Huntcliff Village Drive—On Aug. 24, a 24-year-old man reported that he and an acquaintance met a man named “Rahid” at a club in Atlanta and invited the man over the following day to “chill.” When Rahid arrived, he had with him a Taco Bell paper bag containing a gun described as a Taurus 9mm with a 28-round extended magazine. Rahid was accompanied by another man. They forced their way inside the door, ordering all in the apartment to turn over their phones and money. One of the victims jumped over the balcony rail and landed some 30 feet below, sustaining injuries. Two iPhones, just under $600 cash and a driver’s license were stolen.

5500 block of Glenridge Drive—On Aug. 15, a resident reported a $500 pair of sunglasses and an $800 pendent necklace were missing from his home. He said earlier the apartment staff emailed that fire inspections would take place. He thinks this may be related.
Sorry for the loss but do you really need $500 sunglasses? What is the difference in $25 sunglasses and $500 sunglasses? Mine cost $9 at Wal-Mart but they look expensive.
Here’s my secret: I take them home where I write the name of an expensive designer on them. I thought I had everyone fooled until someone told me that Goochie wasn’t how it was supposed to be spelled.

8100 block of Colquitt Road—On Aug. 15, a resident said someone entered through an apartment bedroom window and took a purse, cellphone, MacBook, and Xbox-360 video game system.

200 block of Franklin Road—On Aug. 18, an apartment was entered and a TV and $700 that was stored under a mattress were missing. According to the report, the front door was likely left unlocked while the victim was away.

7400 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 22, Classic Collision reported that between 6 p.m. on Aug. 22 and 9:30 a.m. the following day, someone entered the shop and forced a gate open. A number of tools were taken.

4900 block of Lake Forrest Drive—On Aug. 24, a resident said he found a rear window open and the storm glass part removed. Missing is a 60-inch TV, guns, watch and $50 in change. A neighbor said they saw a light blue station wagon in the carport, thought it was strange, but assumed that it was the cleaning people who normally come the following day. This is a great example of how you shouldn’t second guess your first instinct. He thought it strange but dismissed it. We catch burglars when folks go with their first instinct. Go with it!

2000 block of Harbor Pointe Parkway—On Aug. 24, a resident reported she returned home and found that someone had stolen her Samsung Galaxy Table from a file drawer.

5000 block of Riverside Drive—On Aug. 26, a resident reported that between noon and about 3 p.m., someone entered his residence through a patio sliding door, which was left open. He said it appears they looked around, but what he is missing is mostly tools.

8600 block of Roberts Drive—On Aug. 22, a cab driver said his fare was let off at an apartment complex owing $48. He said he’d go get the money. The driver waited, and then found the man in the pool area. The man said he would get the money. The driver waited again, but then insisted on the fare. The man ran and then pulled a gun on the cabbie, threatening to shoot him if he followed.

5300 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 22, a package goods store employee said a man came in and took four bottles of Crown Royal and then ran out. He got into a Chevy Cobalt, driven by another person, and left.

5600 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 22, a woman said she was at a tavern around 11 p.m. She left and later realized she left her purse on the bar. She called an employee, who confirmed it, and the woman said she’d be in the following morning to retrieve her purse. She did so on the following day and discovered that $400 cash and a $400 check were missing.

Jefferson Drive—On Aug. 24, a woman said she was at her friend’s home and placed her iPhone 6 on the counter in the kitchen. While it was unattended, someone took it.

1100 block of Lake Hearn Drive—On Aug. 24, a woman reported that two credit cards were stolen from her workplace. She said an American Express card was used for $1,105 at the Home Depot in Sandy Springs and a Bank of America card was used at Lowes for $1,138. Officers were told the same suspect committed the same offense in DeKalb County on Aug. 21. Video confirmed the suspect as the same man.

2400 block of Spalding Drive—On Aug. 25, a 41-year-old man said while he was doing landscaping work at a residence someone took his Stihl leaf blower worth $500. He left it lying on the ground and walked off to the nearby wooded area.

5300 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 25, an employee of a gas station said a man “with Napoleon Syndrome” came in, grabbed four pair of sunglasses and left without paying.

700 block of Hammond Drive—On Aug. 26, a man who boots cars said he booted a 2007 Infiniti G35 at the rear of Park Tower Apartments around 7 p.m. The next morning, around 9:40 a.m., he returned to find the car and his boot device gone.

A 44-year-old woman reported that while she was in jail, someone stole her 55-inch TV, cellphone, $2,000 worth of clothing and methadone, Lortab, and Phenobarbital medication.

Wasted Time the Officer Will Never Get Back
700 block of Hammond Drive — Cops were called to around 9:30 a.m. to meet with a man who said the following: He picked up a friend, whom he met online five months ago. They spent the following day together and the morning after that, he drove her back to her residence on Hammond Drive. She couldn’t find her keys, saying she left them at his place. He told her they had to be somewhere and he couldn’t drive, but after his appointment he’d retrieve her keys. In return, she grabbed his keys and ran out the door. He called the cops and spoke to the woman. The officer spoke with her and said if she didn’t return the keys, he would have to charge her with theft. She told the officer that in return, she would call the cops and charge him with theft. The drama continues.

Summer Lake Drive—A man said he and his girlfriend decided to break up. She packed up and had all her stuff at the front door, which is when he decided to leave for a bit to avoid a confrontation. He left and came back the following day and sure enough, his ex-girlfriend was gone as was a PS4 game system, six PS4 games, a Canon camera, six watches, headphones and a .22-caliber gun and ammo. All this totaled more than $2,900. The man said his ex’s sister and boyfriend helped her move and, therefore, are on the short list of suspects.

5500 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 15, the manager of a gym called the police and said that a man entered the business by going around where the pool is and bypassing the lock. He went into the locker room where he was seen by one of the members, who locked his stuff and took a shower. When he got out of the shower, he saw the man going through his locker and had his wallet. The member confronted the man. Employees came and escorted the man to the front to verify he was a member. He then fled through the front door. The staff believes that the man recorded the combination lock with his cellphone camera, while he pretended to use his phone.
Well this mutt defeated the lock on the pool gate and then the combination lock in the locker room. Don’t leave your stuff there. Get in the habit of stashing it in your car trunk before going to the club. If you’re driving an upscale SUV, find a creative place to hide it. Don’t get lazy.
4900 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 17, a woman said someone took her wallet from her purse while she shopped at a grocery store. She canceled her credit cards before they could be used.
A hospital employee reported someone stole her wallet was taken from her purse near the nurse’s station. Credit card, $3 in cash and medication was taken.

5000 block of Long Island Drive—On Aug. 19, someone reported an air conditioning unit was stolen from a home that’s under construction.

5900 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 19, a woman reported that someone stole her wallet from her purse located in the “steal me” position in her shopping cart. By the time she reported it, a credit card had been used at the Target at the Prado.

800 block of Mount Vernon Highway—On Aug. 19, someone stole a MacBook Air laptop and an iPhone 5 from an office at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church.

1100 block of Hammond Drive—On Aug. 15, a man reported that he and other employees of a Chinese restaurant were playing soccer behind the building when one of the players, named “Lucas,” became angry, grabbed a player and squeezed him. The player said he couldn’t breathe and believed a rib was cracked or broken due to the progressive pain he felt as the day wore on. Lucas works in the kitchen.

Spring Creek Lane—On Aug. 22, a man said he was assaulted by his girlfriend at his apartment. The man said his girlfriend hit him with both her hands and feet, leaving him with obvious injuries to his eye, both arms and neck. The man said she became angry about a pre-existing argument that was not completed the previous day. After whooping him, she bolted over the balcony rail and disappeared into the night before cops arrived.
Kingsport Drive—On Aug. 24, a 61-year-old man said he got into a verbal fight with another man, who pushed him down onto the couch.

1100 block of Mount Vernon Highway—A woman reported that while she waited in a fast food restaurant drive through, a man at the drive through window was attempting to use a breakfast-only coupon at lunchtime. He was upset and throwing a tantrum at the employee and then began honking the horn of his car and backing away from the line, at which time he almost backed into a person crossing the parking lot to her car. She yelled at him to stop and he did. Back-and-forth yelling ensued and, as she walked away, he charged at her in the car, stopping only a couple of feet from her. She then took a photo of his car. The manager of the restaurant told him to leave the property, which he did after a few more choice words. Tag and information were obtained and the incident is being investigated.

Other Things
6500 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 22, a drunken guy fell off his bike and injured himself. He was taken to the hospital.

Ga. 400 at Windsor Parkway—On Aug. 23, a man was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital following a traffic accident. He was pronounced dead a short time later. It is believed that he died of a medical problem that caused him to wreck the vehicle.

A woman reported that she and her husband are involved in a divorce. She has received Facebook messages from a person, whom she thinks is his new girlfriend. The sender apparently knows the intimate details of the divorce. She also sent over 30 text messages over a 24-hour period. She even sent a photo of the ex’s penis, which is kind of stupid since the wife already knows what it looks like—I assume, or maybe not, which, now that I think of it, may be a reason for the divorce? Never mind! Anyway she filed a report and forwarded the documentation to detectives.

8000 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 23, a 62-year-old man shot himself in the hand while at the Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range. While standing at the firing lane, and assuming the .380-caliber Beretta was not loaded, he began to work on the gun, causing it to fire. The bullet passed through the fatty part of the hand, then down range. He is expected to recover fully.

Roswell Road and Tahoma Drive—On Aug. 24, Traffic Sergeant Scott Levy was on Roswell Road around 5 p.m., when he heard a “person down” call dispatched to a nearby location. In response, he found a man on the ground and two women next to him giving chest compressions (CPR.) The sergeant, who had an AED in the unit, determined the man was not breathing and had no pulse. He applied the AED’s pads to the man’s chest where the AED read the man’s pulse/heartbeat (in this case none) and instructed a request for a shock. The shock was administered and as a result, the AED read a pulse. Sandy Springs Fire and Emergency Medical Service personnel arrived and took the man to North Fulton Hospital. It appears the man fell and struck his face along the curbing of the roadway.

Highland Park Trail—Just after 3 a.m. an officer was riding through the apartment complex when he saw a man urinating in the bushes. The officer requested identification, but the man refused and walked off. He was arrested.

Roswell Road—On Aug. 17, the manager of a car repair business called police and said an employee allowed a customer to obtain four new tires, valued at just over $1,000, and did not charged the customer, putting a zero balance on the invoice. The employee said he had done this in the past also. He was arrested at the store and taken to jail.

7800 block of Roswell Road—On Aug. 18, cops responded to a fight call at a convenience store. They found one man with visible signs of injury to his face. He pointed out a car that was backing out of a parking space, telling the officer it contained the people who assaulted him. They were detained. Other independent witnesses confirmed that one of the suspects asked the injured man a question. The man ignored the questions, which caused the man to assault him. Two others joined in. All three suspects were arrested and taken to jail.