Q: What’s your favorite subject in school?

“Math is my favorite subject because I’m a very straightforward thinker. I like to know the exact way to do something and expect to get only one answer to my question. I also like how there are so many different concepts to learn in math, so you will never really stop learning.”
Virginia Kuester
The Westminster Schools
“My favorite subject is history because of the great teachers I’ve had which have fostered my interest, and because it connects to other subjects I like, such as politics and economics.”
Seth Hochman
North Springs Charter High School
“My favorite subject in school is most certainly English. I enjoy gaining new ways to use the language for conveying a message. Additionally, I like to examine the quirks in everyday grammar. English allows me to do this analysis and dive further into the ways people talk. The more I learn, the more I can examine.” Sam Wimpfheimer, The Galloway School
“My favorite subject in school would have to be literature. Generally, literature classes give people more insight into many different pieces of texts. Usually, intricate analyses interest me, so I like to learn more. It’s the thought-pricking aspect of it that attracts me.”
Ricky Cao
Dunwoody High School
“My favorite subject is math. It’s my favorite because it is the most engaged class and I’m rarely bored.”
Paul Curran
The Galloway School
“I love Latin because it’s really fun and my teacher is really passionate about it.”
Natalie Casal
Holy Spirit Preparatory School
“I like anatomy and physiology because we’re learning about the body and I like science. I want to be a physician.”
Manshi Baskaran
North Springs Charter High School
“AP bio because eventually I want to go into the medical field and that’s the foundation.”
Kate Chesser
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
“English because I like writing and learning about old writers, especially Shakespeare, and annotating the stories that they write.”
Joe Virgin
Riverwood International
Charter High School
“My favorite class in school is Psychology. I believe studying about the brain is such a unique and interesting topic.” Ellie Canalichio Dunwoody High School
“Math, because everything has a definite answer, so it’s easy to tell if you’re doing something wrong. It’s also interesting to see how math can apply to everyday life.”
Zach Morochnik
Dunwoody High School
“I want to be an exercise science major, which is physical therapy, and in my free time I study biology and anatomy because it’s so fascinating to me. We were just learning about connective tissues, which are made of different kinds of cells; like, did you know that connective tissue can be bone? But I also love the [Anatomy and Physiology] class because Dr. [David] Lambert is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I’ve ever had.”
Emma Rolader
Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School
“Ancient Greek because it’s kind of different; you don’t see it very much.”
David Sullivan
Holy Spirit Preparatory School
“My favorite subject in school is history, because I love analyzing how seemingly mundane events from the past are all interconnected and have affected the events of today. I also love reading primary sources, as well as studying historians’ explanations of past events.”
Catherine Benedict
The Westminster Schools
“I’ll say history because you learn about the past.”
Brian Smith Riverwood International Charter High School