Dunwoody City Council on Sept. 28 approved an agreement to work with DeKalb County Schools on recreational programs and shared space.

Parks Director Brent Walker said the agreement signifies that Dunwoody’s mayor and City Council want to work together with Peachtree Charter Middle School in particular. The agreement now has to be approved by DeKalb’s school board.

That could take more time Councilwoman Lynn Deutsch said.

City staff met with Peachtree Charter Middle School Principal Scott Heptinstall to create the agreement, which would allow the city to access the athletic fields at the school during designated times of the week.

“This is a logical choice to partner with them,” Walker said. “They have one maintenance person for entire campus so this would be a benefit for them too.”

Walker said the city has been working for a while to create shared space and programming. The deal benefits DeKalb County as well because Dunwoody agrees to take responsibility for maintaining the turf.

The deal doesn’t obligate the city in any other maintenance or infrastructure repair issues, Walker said. Existing problems would have to be addressed in the future.