DeKalb County Fire Chief Darnell Fullum recognizes Ethan and Brian Wittenton at the Sept. 28 Dunwoody City Council meeting. Mayor Mike Davis on the right. In the background from left to right: Council members Jim Riticher and Lynn Deutsch.

DeKalb County Fire Chief Darnell Fullum presented during Dunwoody City Council Sept. 28 certificates of special recognition for two boys and their father, who helped fight a June 30 fire.

In public safety, officials teach to “See something, say something,” but Ethan and Brian Wittenton went an extra step and actually did something, too, Fullum said.

“They were at a bank with their father and Ethan saw a fire,” Fullum said.

The boy was insistent with his father, who agreed to leave the bank and check it out, Fullum said. The fire was burning toward two large HVAC units near another building, so the father left his sons in the car and helped evacuate the building, Fullum said.

The boys then asked a lady who pulled up to call 911. “So, there’s good teaching three,” Fullum said.

Fullum said he learned from the father that the boys at some point got out of the car and helped to direct traffic.

“I asked Brian who first spotted the fire and he said, ‘Ethan,’ so he continuously gave his little brother credit for this,” Fullum said.

Fullum awarded the boys and their father with certificates of special recognition that said in part, “Your heroic actions helped save many lives that day and your efforts do not go unnoticed.”

Ethan Wittenton told Fullum he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, Fullum said.